Friday, May 5, 2017

Letters 526: The Prayer

"Prayer is not asking, it is longing of the soul."

- Mahatma Gandhi

To whom I haven't met yet,

        There is a God, there always has been. I felt Him here in this orphanage as I typed this letter to you, in the eyes of the kids along the corridor of desperation. This is the real house of God, where those who have lost God will find Him. 

         Anyway, when I distributed boxes of pizzas to the beggars two ago for my birthday, I met a young couple with a little baby girl. As we talked, I asked them whether they need anything for their baby girl & I promised them that I will buy it the moment I cleared my work stuff. Well, today is the so called 'free day' for me. 

          I bought for this little angel few clothes, pairs of shoes & nutritious food. The funny part when I went to this this baby section in Parkson. I stood there for quite few minutes staring at tonnes of baby clothing. Do not get me wrong but I do not have any prior experiences. When the salesgirl approached, I told her it was for a baby girl & the moment she heard it, she laughed her lungs out because things in my hand was meant for baby boy. I am pretty sure I will never forget this silly moment, ever.

          Dear hummingbird, she was so happy last night. She told me about how she gave someone a shoulder to cry on & sent that someone a long paragraph as comforting words. I am proud & happy for what she did yesterday. This incident proved that she is the right one when I decided to open my heart for the first time in 4 years. It was definitely the night that I wanted. I talked wit her until 2.30 a.m. which is longer than usual. She shared about the day & I shared about mine. She did a commendable job in lighting up people's life. I told her to put God first, because when you put Him first, you will surely never be the last.

           Again, today letter is a short one. I wish I can write for you a long letter but I guess time is really jealous with us. Until then, I will pray that you will have a wonderful weekend there.


God has two dwellings, one in heaven, the other in a wonderful heart like you stwy.  

For the other half of the sky, 

The Half Moon Serenades.
5th of May 2017.

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