Friday, April 21, 2017

Letters 523: The Birthday

"I'm different from you but this doesn't make me love you any less because it actually makes me love you more."

- Samantha (Her, 2013)

To you whom I haven't met yet, 

         Everyday, I liked to drop by the orphanage for children with disabilities. You see, they come in all shapes, colors& smiles. You just have to be among them to appreciate what true love is all about. Few minutes ago, I took all the sofas available in the orphanage & built a makeshift fort for them to play the war games. I even transformed my arms into a handmade telescope. Talk about creativity right?

          In my life, I choose to look out for the rainbow in the middle of searing sun & the dark clouds. For the past one week, I celebrated my birthday in a big way even though the exact date was yesterday. I bought a total of 110 boxes of Domino's Pizza for the beggars, unfortunate ones & students.  At the same time, I bought tonnes of ice cream, chocolates & whatever foods you named it to people closest to me. It makes me happy to see them smile & said their thankfulness. Some of them even bought a chocolate cake for me! There was a time when I gave a slice of Aloha Chicken pizza to an old lady at the bus stop in front of KOMTAR in the middle of the night. She was so happy because she never ate a pizza since 20 years ago. She told me tonnes of stories from her life. 

           But in the middle of the story telling sessions, she asked me something. Have you met anyone in your life? If she asked me around this date last year, I would have laugh my ass out but this time, I told her 'maybe'.

           Dear hummingbird, did you remember about the girl I mentioned in previous letter? Well, she surprised me few days ago with a wonderful gift that I am not at a liberty to mention here. She looks a bit sad when I told her about the gift but the truth is her gift is the one I cherished the most apart from the one given by my mother. I gave her a bag full of chocolates in return plus cookies that I baked the day before. I suspected that the cookies makes her suffering from sore throat. But she liked it after all. So, in conclusion, yours truly here is a good baker (maybe next time I will bake her something much better). *cross fingers*

            I guess that is all I can tell you about my birthday week this year. I hope one day, I will get the chance to celebrate with you in person. I just have to believe it. Until then, have yourself a blessed week. 


To give love to everyone around me is like to receive a glimpse of heaven.

p.s s

You are the night that I want.

Yours truly, 

The Half Moon Serenades.
21st of April 2017. 

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