Friday, April 7, 2017

Letters 520: Carpe Diem!

"If you think God's there, He is."

- Haruki Murakami (Kafka on the Shore, 2002)

To whom I haven't met yet,

         The distinctive purple frame of my conversation window with her in Messenger is like a window to the world. Occasionally, she will change my nickname to 'Monalisa' while putting weird name like 'I ate half of your cookies' as her own nickname. 

          But last night, she found herself drowned inside a world full of uncertainties. Instead of being the window to the world, I turned the conversation into a heartfelt all- out confessions room for two hours. Lately, I found myself courting a girl (her) whom often feel defeated even before she start because of her surrounding. The problems seem so big & insurmountable. 

          I did not blame her. It is part of our human nature to have such feeling.  We feels good when we managed to overcome bad patch & it is even better when we do all this without drawing another problem along the way. The moment I saw her stressful messages, I told myself that in time like this, it will be better if I remained silent & let her voices out her unhappiness.

          However, the truth is I could not remain silent. How can I remain silent when a girl of my dream is going through bad patch in her life? I told her to stop trying her best to fit into the mold of this high pressure world. I told her she should believe in God. Believe that God haven't finish with her & she destined for a greater height in life. Now I am not sure whether she took it with open heart or not, but I hope she did.

           She is not only a great girl that I currently courting, she is a friend too. I did not have the opportunity to tell her this face to face. But if you ever read this, I want you to remember, if you seek to measure success by what the world tells you, you will be forever living in a catch-up game that offers no real peace for what you truly are. You will end up doing things to please others but not yourself. 

           The real carpe diem is not measured by how it is showcased to the world. It cannot be measured in an earthly manners. It is about being there, trying your best to achieve your own dream. Granted, the whole world may not know about it, but you do. As does the Power above.

            Carpe diem, S.


If you fall behind, run faster. Never give up, never surrender & rise against the odds.

Yours truly, 

The Half Moon Serenades.

7th of April 2017. 

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