Saturday, April 1, 2017

Letters 519: Pinky Promise

"The town was paper but the memories were not."

- John Green (Paper Town, 2008)

To whom I haven't met yet,

           Facebook greeted me in the morning by showing memories from 2007, my first blog entry. For me, coincidence happens once in a blue moon. But apparently Facebook can even read about my life right from the bottom. 

           Few days back, I finally found the courage to watch the Korean drama, 'Autumn in My Heart' after I watched it halfway in 2011. I told everyone that I was too free but the fact is I am not. This drama reminded me of someone so close to me who wasn't here anymore which I mentioned in my first blog entry too in 2007. 

           I lived in lonely neighborhood where two houses connected to each other & the next twinning house was 300m away. Right from kindergarten to primary school, she was the only friend I ever had in that area. We played together (the age where smart gadgets haven't existed). My first blog entry was about me deceiving her to get some beautiful marbles (aptly titled The Marbles). She was cute just like the girl in the drama because each time we played 'scissors, paper, stone', I won it because she always chose paper first (then asking me is it a magic?).

         We drifted apart as I moved to other place while in Form 1, she went to St George's (all girls school). There was no communication until Form 5 when she visited my school to promote something about her school activity (Canteen Day maybe). It wasn't love at first sight. But that day was the happiest day of our life I guess (social media is not popular at the moment).

         Anyway, we turned into peas & carrots again. Up until she met a guy & I found my first love. Slowly we stopped our close relationship due to our other half insistence. The next thing I knew, she ended up in hospital around 2010 due to diabetic complication. By that time, both of us is not in love with anyone anymore. I was there for her right till she died on the bed.

         Few days before that, she asked me why I didn't approved her in Facebook? I was speechless. She even mentioned she followed all my blog entries & read how I was close to giving up (she was the one who posted comment anonymously).

         Last week, I told myself I will not write anymore after 11 years but then I promised her that I will until I met someone. I guess this is one way Facebook reminding me about promise.

        Pinky promise is a valid one. So I think I will continue writing again. This is the first time I opened up about her. I wish could turn back the time because she actually liked me but things happened.

        I let her go (that one photo of us was lost when I moved to new house). But I will continue the writing.


Sometimes things become possible if we want them bad enough.

For the other half of the sky,

The Half Moon Serenades.

1st of April 2017.

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