Saturday, March 11, 2017

Letters 514: Reasons

"Do you believe that if a man apologize enough for what he done wrong, then he will get to go back to the time that was happiest for him & live there forever?"

- Arlen Bitterbuck (The Green Mile, 1999)

To whom I haven't met yet,

          We have all complained at some point in our unique life that destiny is unfair. We say there is no fairness when others (lazy bump for example) seem to get rewarded while us (the hardworking ones) get nothing but a pat on the back. In reality, the world simply drives u in quite jealousy direction. We get caught up in the busyness of trying to be better than someone, using up precious time & resources, for all the wrong reasons. 

           Few days ago, I was astonished to see a colleague that owed me thousands of ringgits, bought a new car, Honda Civic to be exact. The first thought that crossed my mind was what the hell? I had no shortage of supporters too. My fellow colleagues, immediately face-palmed himself the moment he saw our colleague arrived with his new car. I assumed he owed him more than how much he owed me. As we were making conversation, everyone had a story to share about this guy. We were not angry, nor did we go on tirade about how much he owed us. Rather some of us, were all thankful that finally he would not disturb us with his story of broken car. 

            Lately, I felt that some people found a shelter in my writings. They said my stories inspired them to move on with their life & to be strong in facing turbulence. In simple words, I touched their life. You see my hummingbird, the real carpe diem is not measured by how I showcased to the world about my life. It cannot even be measured in an earthly manner. It is not about how I helped people without accepting any form of payments. It is about being there, lending my ears to someone as he or she passes the most difficult moment in their life. 

              514 letters passed by but I failed in my search for you. I touched many hearts along the way, but I failed to touch or should I say to find the heart that matters (you heart of course). But I am not tired. I am not tired of writing countless letters to you even though I knew no one will ever read it. I am not tired of praying to God. I am grateful. Grateful because God still love me so much. My mother still living her life to the fullest despite her heart getting weaker. That itself was one of the reasons I am grateful to the power above. But at night time, when there was nothing to do & the house was all empty, I'd always think of you.

               As much as I would like to share with you few more stories, yours truly here need to prepare the documents for this Monday meeting. As such, i wish you the best of life wherever you are in this world. Until the next letter, have yourself a groovy kind of life.


There's a reason for everything. God must have had reason. Just believe.

For the other half of the sky, 

The Half Moon Serenade.
11th of March 2017.

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