Sunday, March 5, 2017

Letters 513: Of Joy & Turbulence

"Have you found joy in your life or has your life brought joy to others?"

- Carter Chambers (The Bucket List, 2007)

To whom I haven't met yet,

           In the past few weeks, I have experienced a few hardship in work that remind me how important it is for me to find joy amidst the turbulence. 

          Have I found joy in my life? I do not think I can ever come up with the perfect answer to this question. I assumed this question must, in a way remain unanswered in my life. I am grateful because I did not struggle for the right response to deal with this kind of turbulence. I have learnt that the best thing to as such moments is to do nothing at all. I could have been gung-ho & brave the turbulence, but I guess it was definitely wiser not to take the risk. 

          Dear hummingbird, if you remember few years ago, an old woman came to my office with three little kids in tow. She had little formal education & struggling to find a job that can support herself & the kids. Every day she travels a long way from Gelugor with bus to the rows of banks next to my office, to beg for money & mercy from everyone. Her monthly income, technically explain, is based on the money she received from begging. I asked her whether she wanted to start her own business if someone give her the necessary capital as kick-starter. She said yes & yours truly here help her to apply with the council for a space at the new food court at Brown Garden. 

           Fast forward to the year 2017, currently she enjoying her life as economy rice seller at the food court, earning four-digits income monthly. Last year, she came into my office with the money that I gave her as the capital. I declined as the money involved can be used for her business as rolling monthly income. But from that moment, each time I went there for lunch, she declined any sorts of payment from me. 

            You see, there is no need for me to give up easily each time I encountered turbulence in my life. Rather, it is good for my soul to reflect on how those with much less than me go about with their lives, thankful for each blessing that comes along the way. 

           Anyway, strange isn't it? I touched many lives in this world, from the beggar on the street to the kids at the center yet I failed to touch the heart of anyone out there after 513 letters in 10 years. But I believe, if I were going to try, I must go all the way. Let it be 1000 letters or 10 000 letters, all of this I believe are a test of endurance of how much I really want to do it. And I did it despite tonnes of obstacles in the worst odds. I simply told myself, I just haven't met you yet. But one day, there will be one girl out there willing to share her life with me despite tonnes of obstacles around her. That day & the subsequent days, it will be better than anything else we can imagine.

            Until then, live your life to the fullest my other half of the sky. It is just a matter of time. :)


Life moves pretty fast, right? But if you do not stop & look around once in a while, you could miss it. Take one step at a time in your pursuit of happiness. I will. 

For the other half of the sky,

The Half Moon Serenades.
5th of March 2017. 

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