Thursday, December 29, 2016

Letters 501: Lead Me On

"Sometimes, I guess there just aren't enough rocks to throw away."

- Forrest Gump (Forrest Gump, 1996)

To whom I haven't met yet,

          Here I am again for the last letter of the year & hopefully I should manage to say a lot as currently yours truly is here in Penang General Hospital since midnight for mom's heart treatment.

          Overall, 2016 is quite an amazing year for me in terms of working & personal life. For the period of 365 days, I had learned a very important lesson in my life which is once I chose hope, anything is possible. I am looking forward for 2017. A new year is is always a sweet time for to start a new chapter in my life. I hope you will enter the new year with cheerful spirit too.

           Anyway, blame it on my forgetfulness, I did bought for you a gift while I was in Paris few weeks ago. Be proud my hummingbird because by now, you should know that yours truly here is not the kind of person that liked to buy souvenir for anyone while traveling anywhere in the world. I will let your imagination run wild on what gift I bought for you. You should not be too worry as the Alfie Deyes's book & white chocolate that I bought together is not for you. Yours is way much smaller in size. It is not a random buying for all the gifts though as i set my mind on finding all of it before I departed from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Remind me in future when you finally read this letter, will you?

            Dear hummingbird, I am not sure what was in my mind one week ago. I did something that out of my conscious by writing one letter to a girl. Okay, it is not actually a physical letter, it is more to an electronic mail (e-mail in case you still scratching your head thinking what kind of mail is this thingy). For the first time in five years, I told a girl that I liked her. Can you believe it? I thought of keeping it in my heart as I felt it will affect the communication between me & her but a girl as good as her did not come everyday in my life. Cut it short, she is not the prettiest girl out there, in fact I hardly heard anyone said she is pretty. But that is not what I found in her. There is something about her that I liked, something that I cannot find in girls I met for the past four years . 

            People always said, any girl that I liked will be very lucky. But as far as I am concern, when it comes to this, luck usually not on my side & I should not be worry too much as I know what I did is quite useless. While other guy will directly court any girl that they liked, here I am sending her an e-mail asking for a permission to court her. I am pretty sure (99.9% sure) she will reject it but, as I mentioned before, what the hell, just give it a try. I believe if not, I will regret the decision for not trying one day.

             And with that, I end this 501st letter with a hope that you will finally appear in my life one day. Also, I will make sure before giving you any gift from countries that I visited, it would not have the Made in China mark behind it (just joking :p). 

             Until then, have yourself a wonderful new year hummingbird.


We loved Him first because He first loved us.

Cheerios hummingbird,

The Half Moon Serenades.
29th of December 2016.   

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