Saturday, December 3, 2016

Letters 495: Of Winter, Love & The Space Between Us

"I have to live.Because we live for more than just ourselves. Most of the time we live for others."

- Thrity Umrigar (The Space Between Us, 2006)

To whom I haven't met yet,

            Here I am again for another short letter & just to let you know, I survived winter in Paris! Few years back, I encountered my first winter (in London) & my God, it was a baptism of fire. All my life, the icy white snow dazzled me but withstanding the freezing temperature requires strong inner strength for someone like me who thrives in tropical climate. 

            Talking about my first winter, my fingers & toes freeze despite the leather gloves & three pair of socks days in days out. I even slept under a couple of thermal vests, with three pillows & thick blanket on top of me for added warmth. Perhaps this is the main reason why I installed two units of air-conditioners in my bedroom today, in Penang. Perhaps this is the main reason why I went to South Korea in late November 2013 without a single sweater or gloves. Perhaps this is the main reason why I went on board Trans Siberian without asking for any heater. One of my friends said that the only beings will enjoy in my room is the Arctic bears.

              Nevertheless my hummingbird, I am thankful to God for giving me tonnes of opportunities to travel all over the countries in the world. As for now, I am now often scolded with the words such 'fat polar bear', 'hot piggy' & many lame name-calling each time I switched all the air-conditioners units at the same time with temperature of 16 degrees Celsius. 

              Anyway, for the past few days, heavy rain lashed Penang especially during night time. Sometimes, it would stop raining long enough for the stars to come out. It was nice to stand at the balcony looking at the blinking stars. It was so beautiful. I wish you could have been here with me. 

               But as I said in my previous 494 letters, God have a much better plan for us. Maybe it is not the right time yet but it will happen. Until then, enjoy the last month of this beautiful year with happy emotions hummingbird.


It is enough for me to be sure that you & I exist at this moment. There is always something left to love at a space between us.

To where you are,

The Half Moon Serenades.
3rd of December 2016.  

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