Saturday, October 29, 2016

Letters 491: Where Does Our Heart Beat Now

"Hearts are made to last till the end of time."
- Celine Dion (Where Does My Heart Beat Now, 1990)

To whom I haven't met yet, 

          It is somewhat ironic that a lot of belated reunion take place when people attend funeral. While coming together to pay their last respects to the deceased, some relatives or friends are pleased to run into those they have not met for quite a while. There could be laughter & tears at the recollections of a nostalgia.

           I was once asked by my good friend family to deliver a eulogy at the wake in Pulau Tikus. Before I started, I prepared her some humorous incidents that would be mentioned in my eulogy. 

           After listening to others eulogies, I realize that no family member or friend of the deceased ever really knows enough of him. He led a different life with different people he grew up with at work, play, in fact, in different places. So even the one closest to him cannot claim that they knows everything about him, for no one could ever be with anyone at every stage of his life, sharing every step & moment.

           Incidentally, I overheard some old fella mumbling about young ladies who turn up at such solemn occasions in dresses that are low-cut Kardashians style which are a bit distracting. But I suppose they are so used to dressing up for all occasions that it does not strike them as improper at all to appear the way they do. I appreciate the fact that they make up part of a caring crowd there.

            Dear you, fortunately, we are blessed by many good people in our daily lives. Those who live & work quietly with goodwill towards all their fellowmen, whatever they colors of creed. I hope my work in helping people from all sorts of ages, beyond race & religion did touched the lives of people that I had interacted,in a good or bad way.

             Until then, have a beautiful life my hummingbird. 


If you were here, you would be amazed at the way my life turned out to be. But I believe God have a grander plan for us in future. i just haven't met you yet. I am looking forward to share my beautiful life with you.

To where you are,

The Half Moon Serenades.
29th of October 2016. 

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