Saturday, October 8, 2016

Letters 488: Nothing is Ever Certain

"Sometimes, the dreams that come true are the dreams you never even knew you had."

- Susie Salmon (The Lovely Bones, 2009)

To whom I haven't met yet,

            It happens to you, to me & to the best of us. Leaving something behind. We get out of Uber car, taxi or bus & realize that we've left whatever in the vehicle. Sure it is not a big deal except when you're frantically calling the bank to cancel your ATM cards

             Knowing this happens to everyone was little consolation for me when I recently pulled a stupid stunt of 'leaving briefcase behind at the guard house' which was carrying fairly minor things, like my Toshiba laptop & passport, well basically my life. At first I was like 'thank you God' because luckily my laptop is backed up to the portable Samsung drive. Now unluckily, the drive was also in said misplaced briefcase. 

               I immediately sprinted back to the guard house which wasn't a good idea as it turned out, I left my security card in my bedroom. And there I was stuck between the main door & the elevator, waiting for whoever good soul to open the main door & wondering how I was going to replace my passport with the trip is one month away. Also wondering at the same time how lucky the new owner of my laptop was using my online banking personal data while scrolling through my personal pictures & laughing his/her ass out.

              Now here's where my luck took a turn. It turns out that while I was in the elevator going down frantically to the guard house, the guard use another elevator to return my briefcase at my house. It also turns out that I brought my wallet together which contained another set of spare security card. 

               Dear hummingbird, being a positive guy, I put it as a lesson of lifetime. Perhaps my panic had been misplaced. But I think leaving my briefcase at the security guard house were all lucky strokes. Now if only I can buy a lottery ticket to try my luck for the second time.

                Nothing is ever certain. :)


Each time I told you a story, I lost a bit, the smallest drop of pain. Because horror of this world is real & it is everyday. I had rescued the moment in my letters for you & in that way, no one could take that moment from us one day, someday. 

For the other half of the sky,

The Half Moon Serenades.
8th of October 2016.  

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