Saturday, June 25, 2016

Letters 473: A Difference A Life

"It is amazing, Molly. The love inside me, you took it with you." 
 - Sam Wheat (Ghost, 1990)
To whom I haven't met yet
            Another letter for you & another letter nearer to the end. Lately, I've been waiting. Waiting for inspiration or some wonderful thing to come upon me that would be certainly be compelling enough to warrant a piece of writing.
            Love, how it makes us smilehow it makes us cry. While some of us are running towards it, there are also some of us who are running away from it. Heartbreak happens when you fall in love with someone who is running away from love.  
           How often have we heard about songs or stories which tell us about the foolishness or blindness which love caused? How often have we felt like a fool who is blinded by love & driven by nothing but passion? 
           I believe that love does not make us stupid or blind, it never does, it just makes us more humane. This fact petrifies some of us because when love does not only bring out the best in us but also the worst, we start to feel as if we are spiraling out of control, we are no longer our own self. For some, it is a nightmare & they start to blame it on love.
           Everyone is afraid of something. Some think that they won’t be able to face death; some think that they won’t be able to survive in the darkness. There is always something which bothering us but for me, it’s not just it. I think human’s biggest fear is when one has to face & confront his/her own deepest emotion & love is capable in triggering such deep emotion.
            Dear hummingbird, even though we proclaim ourselves as the most brilliant species on earth, we are bound with abundance fear & insecurity as well. We are actually masked. But, when we fall in love, we take that mask away & reveal our strength & weakness to the world. 
             For some, this is stupidity & blindness. But for me, it makes us a more humane person. A person should not only made of flesh & blood but he/she is also defines by his/her own strength & weakness. 
            How can love make us stupid or blind when it is actually teaching us the true meaning of life? A mask might shield you from the reality of this harsh world but how long can it be? You might think that love weaken you out but it is actually toughen you up through the trials & tribulations you might be facing.
             So, don’t run away from love, because I am not.

We will each make a difference, one at a time. :)
To destiny,
The Half Moon Serenades. 
25th of June 2016. 

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