Sunday, April 10, 2016

Letters 463: Of Birthday & Making Each Day Count

Theodore Roosevelt once said:

"Believe you can & you're halfway there."

To you whom I haven't met yet,

             10 more days to go before this beautiful date of 20th April. But let say, if 50 is the new 30 & 60 is the new 40, then is it too far fetched for me to assume that 27 is the new 17? While it’s tempting to consider skirting the reality of the number of years I’ve spent on the planet, something is calling me to face it head on, no cute little euphemisms about '27 being the new 17' etc. I think it’s time to call a spade, a spade.

              While today’s 27 year old is nothing like the 27 year olds of my parents’ generation, there is no mistaking the fact that by any measure, turning 27 marks the beginning of a whole new territory in life again, one we used to call 'approaching middle age'. Funny though, except for those rare occasions when I’ve completely overdone it in working life, I rarely feel 'old'.

              Dear you, does turning 27 mean that it’s time for me to speed up on living? Does it mean finding interest in the things that have heretofore been the source of passion & aliveness? Does it mean that we’re swept into the corner, left to gather mold & dust until we finally fade away old man? What the heck is this aging business all about anyway? 

              I believe I can age gracefully, not fighting or denying the fact, take a turn in the speed lane, put my feet high & take a little time out. At 27, one has earned regular time outs. But that doesn’t mean setting up camp there & falling asleep. I am deeply grateful that my younger self had the courage to wade into the deep waters in pursuing happiness, even though it wasn’t easy or comfortable at times. 

               Until then, wherever you are, whatever my age or your age, make everyday count. To number our days means to make each day count. Live your life to the fullest hummingbird.


Us. It is just a matter of time, I am sure.

Yours sincerely,

The Half Moon Serenades.

10th April 2016.

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