Saturday, November 7, 2015

Letters 451: Of Love, Time & Birthday

Loretta Young once said: 

"Love is something that finds you."

To you whom I haven't met yet,

             I have not owned a diary or planner for the past ten years. But I am super punctual typed of guy. My colleague said that I am crazy to be there early (let it be at work place, breakfast, lunch or dinner, public function even dating). You see, there was a popular Malay proverb which stated 'Masa itu emas/Time is Gold'. For me, it is more to 'Masa itu Kehidupan/Time is Life' if you ever asked.

             Anyway, talking about time, I guess the secret of my happy life in a busy world is to slow down, make time for myself & people around me. Recently, my mother was admitted to the coronary unit in Penang General Hospital because of the same problem that haunted her for the past three years (arrhythmial fibrilation). She was confined in a small room in CRW Unit for more than three hour to undergo a minor heart surgery. In that three lonely hour, life took on a different meaning to me. One of the nurse (quite pretty) asked me why I did not take out my Microsoft Surface 3 Tab to surf my time away. 

            Dear you, the answer is simple, my mother is on the surgery bed & what kind of person I am if I surfed Facebook while she fought for her life there?

            So how did I pass the time? By reflecting about our life & pray.Well, I guess God listened to my prayer because few hours later, the doctor said my mother condition getting better & they can reduce her medication intake. Talk about counting the blessing right?

            My hummingbird, there is so many people that said time is not important, but love is more important. But I believed in both. I believed both is important at the same time. I believed that if we managed both in a proper way, life will be more meaningful as time goes by. 451 letters for you & still counting, still cannot describe how beautiful this life can be. People said I am crazy for writing this kind of junk. Well if this junk can led me to you, this junk of letters is my everything, just like you.


Yesterday was my mother 56th birthday. I brought her to a very wonderful ala carte buffet restaurant at Penang Times Square for birthday dinner. She was happy & smiled all the way back home. On the way back, she asked me about you, but I told her to be patience & relax because I haven't met you yet. I asked her to imagine, how beautiful it will be when the right person comes along in my life one day. I hope that person is you.

Until then,

The Half Moon Serenades.

7th of November 2015.  

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