Thursday, September 24, 2015

Letters 447: The Power of Thank You

Charles Dickens once said:

"I have been bent & broken, but I hope into a better shape.” 

To you whom I haven't met, 

          Yesterday, while waiting for my friend at KOMTAR here in Penang, I bought a bottle of water from a small kiosk selling chips & snacks. It was a hot afternoon so I stood inside while waiting for her to arrive. There was no door, just an open wall to the street. 

           The friendly old vendor chatted to me in broken English which I can only partially understand. She told me that her name in Nancy (or Lian See?). She gave me a small Hacks (a type of sweet) the moment she heard me coughing non-stop. We chatted for awhile & she told me she was looking forward to eating when she finished her 12 hours shift but she did not know what to eat. 

           She was rubbing her tummy & she said she was so full of trouble & anger that her spirit & body were hurting. Well by now, you should that your other half here is quite a busybody person (hahaha) so I asked her why. She said two days ago, a man came into her shop & stole some snacks. It was out of sudden & he was gone. She has to pay the owner of the kiosk for the loss. 

           My hummingbird, you might think that your guy here will say 'I'm sorry to hear that' but I did not. I told her that why not she just forgive the man & take it as a blessing from God. I even offered RM 5.00 to replace her loss if she needed that money badly. I said 'please take this RM 5.00' & you know what, she burst into tears.

           She came around the counter & hugged my arm. Still crying, she issued a stream of prayers, blessing me & my whole family. A little embarrassed, I said to her 'it was not from me, it was from God'. She smiled & said something that truly made my day.

            Dear you, you want to know what she said? She said 'THANK YOU'. 
            Thank you is a simple word that most of us took for granted in life & yet for me, this is a blessing from God. I believed that no matter the size of the gift, receiving graciously is truly a form of giving. 

             By the time you read this letter (one day), I believed you are now a part of my life, my other half of the sky. I just want to say thank you for accepting me when no girl even bother to look, I just want to say thank you for being patience when reading all my 447 letters to you, BUT most importantly, I want to say thank you, for being brave enough to say that you loved me unconditonally, THANK YOU.


You might not be the prettiest girl out there, but deep in my heart, you will always be the most beautiful. 

Until then,

The Half Moon Serenades.

24th of September 2015.

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