Sunday, August 16, 2015

Letters 444: Love With No Regrets

Dale Carnegie once said: 

"Happiness is wanting what you get."

To you whom I haven't met yet, 

          We had an annual dinner last night & it was real good. Of course any dinner which contained six pretty girls singing & dancing would be a good show for us. There was singing, very good dancing of the acrobatic sort & usual 'Malaysian style' stand up comedy (by now, you should know that your other half here never in mood for 'Malaysian style' stand up comedy, hahaha)

           To carry on where I left of few letters ago which was the subject of 'wild animals'. Here I am in my home sweet home, we are free of mosquitoes of course. However, at both of my working place, the mosquitoes is having a fiesta. I was being bitten alive by them, although fortunately, dengue & malaria was very scarce (only few people was infected). You do know of course that malaria is the result of mosquito bite? At least 'bite' is the name given which is wrong because the insect does not really bite, but instead 'pierces' the skin & 'sucks' the blood. I understand by the way that the germ is carried by the female only (girl again, hahaha).

            Well, that I believe finishes the lecture on Natural History for you in this letter. Anyway, few hours ago, yours truly here accidentally put a bite of salt instead sugar in his tea. Just imagine, drinking & drinking until you realised the tea tasted like seawater. I guess next time, I will leave the 'making a cup of tea' part to you.
             So with that piece off my chest, I shall say 'here's to the next letter' (holding a proper cup of jasmine tea). Until then, I will make sure I'll make the most of the minutes & love you with no regrets one day.


No, I can't promised you tomorrow but I will work hard to make sure the love from me is, forever.

Cheerios sunshine,

The Half Moon Serenades.

16th of August 2015. 

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