Sunday, June 7, 2015

Letters 442: From Ipoh with Love

Lucy Maud Montgomery once said:

"Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?” 

To you whom I haven't met yet,

           Here I am for another of these small chats before I go to bed. As usual, weather are rather uncomfortable with a mixture of heavy winds & crazy rain. Who the hell said 'Blue Penang Skies' in the recent weather forecast on LiteFM? I have had nothing but rain, rain & still more rain since last Thursday. 

           Yesterday, I had a good long road to travel with my car to Ipoh & the surrounding area. We (me & mom of course) were near the old Kellie Castle which was our first point of interest. It really is an old ruin although it was very interesting to see a place which I had heard so much about & seen so many times in photographs. I can't describe it my hummingbird, to be fair, as it is just a very big half-built castle surrounded by bushes which I am sure you often seen yourself in photographs. Even though the Ministry of Tourism managed this tourist spot, I think half of the allocation for this castle ended up in some big shot pocket. 

            Anyway, regarding Ipoh, the town itself is very clean compared to George Town. Life for the people hasn't changed very much since I first came here in 2008. But that was one part of my visit which made me really mad, when I saw stupid shop owner renovated their pre-war shophouses into a modern building. I guess they did not understand what is the real definition of 'pre-war' & what it really means.
            There is plenty of material in the shops around the old town of Ipoh. But for me, the price of this so called 'souvenir' are beyond the range of budget traveler that came to Ipoh. I hunted the shops for something for you, but I am afraid I was out of luck. There are plenty of stalls on the streets but the most common articles were fridge magnets, & poor photocopies of old Ipoh photos which I am sure, you have no great desire for such things. 

              All that remained was to return to the car & go for food hunting (dim sum, roasted duck, kaya puff & salty chicken). You see my dear, I am not saying that Ipoh is a ghost town but surely, there is something the Perak government can do to beautify this wonderful city & make it as vibrant as possible to tourist like our very own George Town or our straits neighbour, Malacca.

               We are already half way through the year of 2015. Frankly, I don't know if we will ever have a chance to travel together in future. For the past 442 letters, I had written stories about my life with a great hope that you will enjoy reading it one day. And hopefully, you will. Until then, put in your heart that when all is well, the end is well.


Be yourself, I will love you more & more each day as time goes by. :)

Yours always,

The Half Moon Serenades.

7th of June 2015.