Sunday, May 10, 2015

Letters 439: Mother, Loving You to the Moon & Back

Karl Lagerfeld once said:

“The only love that I really believe in is a mother’s love for her children.”

Dear mother,

            I believe that love is about being happy for you when you are happy, being sad with you when they you are sad, simply, being together in good times & being together in bad times.

            I believe that love is about being honest with you at all times, being honest with by telling, listening, respecting the truth & never pretending.

           I believe that love is about an understanding so complete that I can feel as if I am a part of you, accepting you just the way you are & not trying to change you to be something else.

           I believe that love is about the freedom for your own desires while sharing your experiences with me.

           I believe that love is about the excitement of us planning things together, the excitement of us doing things together like the fury of the storm & the calm in the rainbow.

           I believe that love is about giving & taking in a daily situation, being patient with each other's needs & desires

           But most of all, I believe that love is about knowing that I will always be with you regardless of what happens, missing you when you are away but remaining near in your heart at all times.

          And that is the groovy kind of love that we shared together as time goes by.

          I love you mother. Happy Mother's Day. 


To you whom I haven't met yet,

          Well, I will definitely love your mother as much as I loved my mother. But as time goes by, if you ever grace my life, I hope you will be a good mother to our kids too. I am sure you will complete me in every way a man deserved to be loved.

Loving you (all three of you) to the moon & back,

The Half Moon Serenades. 

10th of May 2015.

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