Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Letters 411: Of Lilo, Stitch & Love

Theodor W.Adorno once said:

"Love is the power to see similarity in the dissimilar."

To you whom I haven't met,

        Here I am again, for a few words in my 411th letters to you in 7 years before I go to the meeting. For your information, the weather in Penang is very poor & I guess the heavy rain signal the coming of Malaysia next monsoon season.

       During the last few weeks, I have managed to do quite a few amazing travel in Japan, among which was hiking Mount Fuji at Honshu Island, sitting in the world renowned Tokyo bullet train (Tokaido & Kyushu Shinkansen) & many more. As much as I wanted to share all my experiences in the Land of Rising Sun with you, I guess I will do it when I finally met you one day.

       Dear hummingbird, when I was in Tokyo Disneyland, I looked around for some thing for you but I didn't come across anything which could be called a product that uniquely Japan. Most of the souvenir sold in the theme park got this huge mark stating Made in China. Pretty ironic right considering both countries hated each other very much. 

       Anyway, I did bought for you a cute Stitch (of Lilo & Stitch fame) brooch. It is not a random buying because I believed that one day, you & me gonna share the same passion that I had for this blue koala-like creature (just like Lilo). 

       And with that, I end this letter for you this time with a hope that you will finally appear in my life one day. And also my angel, I will make sure first before I give you a gift from any countries that I visited, it won't have the same mark stating Made in China (just joking).

Yours always (someday),

The Half Moon Serenades (Z.L)

13th of August 2014. 


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