Friday, August 8, 2014

Letters 410: The Stairway to Heaven

Loretta Young once said:

"Love isn't something you find, but it is something that finds you."'
To you whom I haven't met yet, 

        Life is funny. It was raining heavily when I went for my lunch at a new place few hours ago, & there was this old man giving a little political talk to a bunch of young people. 

        For some reason, he was waving his hand like a conductor for an orchestra. He liked to say the 'F' word. A lot. 'F' this & 'F' that. And everytime he said the 'F' word, well they'd cheer. Well for me, I just laughed silently in my heart. How I wish you can be here with me to listen & laugh at his nonsense. 

        Anyway, talking about the rain, for the past few days I have been through every kind of rain there is in Penang. Little bit stinging rain (when I forget to bring my umbrella along yesterday morning), big old fat rain (like just now) or rain that flew in sideways (when some idiot drove their car too fast till the water on roadside splashed at me). Well, sometimes rain even seemed to come straight up from underneath.

          Dear you, it even rained at night when I drove back at the dark hilly area after finished teaching the kids. You might asked, were I scared? Well, I believed in the Power high above to protect me.
         Sometimes, it would stop raining long enough for the stars to come out. And then it was nice to drive. It was like driving along a paradise. There was over a million stars sparkles at the sky. I couldn't tell whether I am driving at dark hilly road or climbing stairway to heaven. It was so beautiful. I wish you can be here.

         For the past 7 years, I wrote & dedicated 410 letters for you here because I just haven't met you yet. I don't know whether we will ever met each other one day, or if we will only floating around unnoticed to each other like a wind. Until the day comes, I won't be far away.

For the other half of sky,

The Half Moon Serenades.
8th of August 2014.

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