Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Notes 404: Of Birthday & The Colour Purple

Khalil Gibran once said:

“Just living is not enough, one must also have freedom, sunshine & a little flower.”

To you whom I have met,  

           It was a busy Monday morning when a girl in her twenties arrived for a job interview with a Malaysia's leading fully integrated media group. It's her lifelong dream to become a newscaster, to be the person who presents news on television. Coincidentally, that day, her man was there with her, far away from his home state to meet her for the first time in his life, on their first date in a five year of courting & long-distance relationship.

            Both of them enjoyed their first morning together under the hot & sweltering sun in front of the mega building of the media company. He looked upset about it & she stated that she was in a hurry as she had an interview at 8.30 a.m. She asked whether her man would be upset if she was slightly late because of the job interview. And he replied that he will be there, right in front of the main gate waiting for her & to listen for good news from his other half of sky.

            As time goes by, three hours later, the man still there was refusing to seek a shelter in nearby mall, just to keep his promise of being there for his girl.  An old security guard approached & asking him why on earth he sat under the hot sun. The man pointed to the crowd in the mega building & said:

"My girl, the one in purple formal attire, is in the line, waiting for her job interview to begin."
            The old security guard was amused to learned that the man who barely know his long distance angel & yet, still sitting there waiting for her. The man smiled & patted the old security guard hand. He said:

 "She doesn't know me very well yet, but I know her long enough to wait for her."

             Well, the girl failed in her job interview because of her slight mistake in reading the name of a country called Syria. He knew about the mistake but chose to keep it in his heart, just agreeing to whatever the girl said. Drop of tears can be seen in her eyes, but fortunately, her man was there, hugging her & holding her hand all the way in his car while driving.

             Dear you, true love is neither physical nor romantic. True love is an acceptance of all that is, has been, will be & will not be.

            You walked away from me not knowing that you are my life. But it is fine, I guess. Everything happened for a reason. I’m not upset anymore. Just when the night comes, always I am thinking of you. What are you doing there, whether everything is fine, but I guess everything is well there?

Happy 26th birthday, hummingbird.

Yours truly,

The Half Moon Serenades.

9th of July 2014

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