Sunday, June 22, 2014

Notes 401: Of Old House & Love

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once said: 

“Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.” 

To you whom I haven't met yet,

         Now remember how I told you that I never seemed to want to go back home when I was young? Well, when I was young, I lived in a house that I believed was as old as Penang. My dad had gone up to heaven when I was four years old & this is one of the reason why I ended in that old house.

          You know, it is funny what a young man like me recollects in my mind, because I don't actually remember being born, I don't recall what I got for all my birthday & I don't know when I went on my first outdoor trip. But I do remember the first time I heard that sweetest voice, in the wide world, right in front of that old house.

         Still fresh in my mind, I was right there, as a 5 years old boy, kneeling in front of my house, begging my mom to move to other house instead of this one. And secretly, I prayed for God to turn me into a bird so I could fly, far & far away. Well, you know what, God didn't turn me into a bird that day, but He did sent me someone, from out of nowhere that kneeled together with me, she was like an angel.

       Anyway, me & her grew up together in the same neighbourhood, went to the same kindergarten, studied at the same primary school & but didn't ended up at the same secondary school together. I bet you gonna assumed that we were somehow romantically in loved, but I can assured you, the relationship is a platonic one, like peas & carrots.

      But as time goes by, we moved to a new place, to a whole new world & we lost contact for few years (mind you that there was no such thing as Facebook in that era). 

      Now, my mum always told me miracles happen everyday. Some people don't think so but they do. As I walked near Butterworth train station, I accidentally hit my head at the huge construction pole along the terminal. Believe me or not, another girl, at the same time, hit the same pole on the other side. And that girl, is her.

      We didn't fell in love with each other. She already in love with a handsome guy & I have my Sabrina, even though mine didn't last for few years unlike hers.  

      Here I am, after 6 years & 9 months & 401 notes, still waiting for you to appear in my life one day. I had to admit that I am not the kinda person that is good with words, let alone good in love. But I believed I'm more than capable of making you happy one day, when I finally found you. But for the moment, as what she said, life moves on.

Yours truly,

The Half Moon Serenades.


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