Friday, October 26, 2012

The Night That I Want

Mother Teresa once said:

"Bring love into your home for this is where our love for each other must start."

             There was a time three years ago in January when I spent my evening at the orphanage, a young 6 years old girl named Emily who suffered from Asperger Syndrome asked me what did I see at the cloudy skies above (it was raining heavily at that moment)? I told her that the skies is blessing people on the earth with their love, which came in the form of rain. And she asked me more and more, endless.

             You see, for any other people, she is just an unfortunate child suffering from a weird syndrome. But for me, she is part of my skies. My sweetheart, Sabrina once asked me, why I'd always called my lover the other half of skies, and who is the other half? I would like to say that the other half of it is her and my mother, and another half is for all this unfortunate soul like Emily who needs love from someone who can touch their heart.

            A year before, Emily almost died when her small intestine telescoped into her large one. Less than a year after that, when she could talk with great skill and a detailed vocabulary, she mainly discussed two topics: death and God (Emily is devoted Christian).
                    One day, she said to me softly that she is going to die soon. And I whispered at her ears that I am going to have a broken heart forever if such thing happen in future (my girlfriend of two years just left me for someone else that month and I found comfort in Emily). And then she told, I will be just fine because the heavenly God will sent me another girl to loved which I believed true enough because I am loved by beautiful girl in Sabrina.

            Nowadays, Emily still live in my memory even though she is not here in this world. I believed that she is walking in heaven hands in hands with her Creators who going to love her more than me. Emily is more than just a cute little girl whom I had cuddled with when she is a baby. She is my inspiration to go out for work at 7 a.m in the morning and continue to teach at tuition or orphanage right until 10 p.m every night.

             I am 25 years old and I love my beautiful life. I am blessed with wonderful mother and sweetheart, I am blessed with opportunities in the work and studies and I am blessed to use my free time to teach the kids at tuition and orphanage or just sitting and chatting with the old folks.

            And for me, I am just blessed to give another kids a groovy kind of love right and the night that I want, is the night where I can spent doing what I loved, that is spending time with the kids, my mother and the other half of my sky, Sabrina.


To you whom I have met, I am not super rich or super handsome like other guy in this universe, but I wanted forever and always to be your man. A man that you will be proud of and cherished the most in your life.

People always condemned me for showing too much love towards you in Facebook and maintained that I should do it privately. But little that they realized the reason why I did this is to ensure you felt loved every day of your life.

You are my girl. The days I spent courting you for three years, the moment I spent talking on the phone with you, or dancing with you, albeit just for few seconds last April, is the moment I cherished the most in my life.

I considered meeting my ex-girlfriend three years ago is blessing in disguised. She once cursed me that if she left me, I won't have any other girl that going to love me with all their heart. Well, I am standing proud now, having you in my heart and proving that she is the one that searching for the night that she wanted until now.

373 love letters still can't described how much I loved you in my life, now and forever. Always I am in debt to you for showing me that woman heart is more than just the ocean of secret, it is the night that I am longing for, full of stars that followed me home.

In love with you Sabrina,

The Half Moon Serenades.

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