Monday, October 1, 2012

Of Naked Breast, Topless and Cancer (The Jodi Jaecks Story)

Virginia Woolf once said:

"Love, the poet said, is woman's whole existence."

          Well, the month of October is here, and with it, a familiar sight in town where to note the start of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, people started to do the pink ribbon campaign. Even though I am a guy, I am not ashamed to join this kind of campaign by putting the pink ribbon at my cover photo in Facebook.

           Breast cancer attacks women as young as 8 years old. After failing to find swimsuits that fit comfortably, breast cancer survivor Jodi Jaecks asked the Parks and Recreation Department if she could swim topless at a local pool. At first their answer was no. But as soon as the news of rejection spread across the newspaper, the director of the park changed his mind and allowed her to do it.

           But it is too late as she decided not to go for a swim and  enough is enough. Jodi who had done double mastectomy, that is to remove both of her breast, was told by a facilitator at a post-breast cancer class, as well as Jaecks' partner (Jaecks is lesbian), suggested swimming as a possible fitness option.

           She went searching for bathing suits that would fit without hurting her scars. At one particular store she tried on every type of swimsuit from one-pieces to rash guards, and even men's triathlon tops. But nothing felt right and some of the promoter laughed at her.

           With 2 238,000 women diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 alone, there should be more tools for prevention and care need to be found.Only then, they will have a groovy kind of new life to fight and to survive the life after surgery.


To you whom I have met, today is the day, a big day for you. Finally, after years of studying, you achieved one of your dreams, that is becoming a lecturer. It is amazing Rina, to think about the first day I knew you as a schoolgirl five years ago, and here you are, one step closer to have a beautiful life, as beautiful as you.

This is one of those days again when I am vying to be close to you and know that it is no way possible with your life in a different states altogether 450 km apart. I know you too feel the same for me at lonely times and when there is no communication on the front where you have to stay up all night. At times like these the only things that come to my mind are your conviction in our relationship and the strength of our faith and emotions for each other.

369 love letters still can't described how much I miss you in my life during our love distance relationship. But, I just want to say congratulations on your achievement my hummingbird. Together, we will achieve the best of life, forever.

Loving you,

The Half Moon Serenades.
1st of October 2012.

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