Monday, November 21, 2011

Love or Feelings?

Kahlil Gibran once said:

"Love is trembling happiness."               
                 Feelings are a very powerful tool we have to be happier in love. Many times we come to the break-up of a relationship that we are unable to understand why we did not anticipate that. Go back and look at your feelings during your relationship. 
                Did your feelings not tell you about this?

                Sometimes we get confused in a relationship. We seek advice from friends and family and discuss and think about what may be going wrong. We do not pay attention to what our feelings tell us. 

              I have seen instances when couples break- up though their feelings tell them differently. This couple never forgets the ex. Partner because the break-up can never be complete. Had they listened to their feelings instead of focusing on small arguments, they would have realized that they cared for each other and were not ready for break-up.

             Have you observed your feelings with your friends? Some of them you like instantly while you never like some of them despite any arguments having taken place. Our subconscious mind tells us about the true character of that person and draws us away. But we do not listen.

             Feelings in love are like radars. They watch over everything and transmit the message. Many persons in an abusive relationship keep hoping that things will improve. Though their feelings tell them that the situation will rather worsen. It is question of hope against reality. 

            Our feelings tell us about the reality. Our desires give us hope. Listen to your feelings and realize your true worth.

             Why many of us do not listen to our feelings? This is because we feel unworthy. We feel that others are more intelligent and will give us right advice. We are less capable than others. This causes the problems. 

            Pay attention to what others say but let your feelings be the final judge. And perhaps a groovy kind of love is just around the corner for you.


To you whom I haven't met yet, will you believe me if I said that it is wrong for us to think that love comes from long companionship and persevering courtship? For me, love is when you can understand the mind and heart of the person that you loved in your life. 

And that's what I am going to do when I had finally met you one day. I will look not at what you had achieved in previous relationship, but instead, I will look at what you aspire to have in your new relationship with me, for each day of loving you I would treat as a new day and a new beginning.

This is my 328 love letters to you and trust me, I never felt tired to continue doing it in my life. Even one day when I finally met you, the letters will be there for you to read and to cherish it, for the only light I hope I can see from you is the one that came from your smiles and eyes. 

In the sweetness of my love for you, let there be a hope, and sharing of excitement, for every day you wish to the sky to met someone who can care for you, there is one silent kiss I sent to the star, to bright up your days.

Until then, keep in your mind the fact that I had fallen in love with you way before we knew each other. If there is a day when you read all my notes here, be happy and look forward with a smile, for you can be sure we will have a lot of time to see the evening skies together.

We are who we choose to be and to be your lover is what I want to be.

For the other half of the sky,

The Half Moon Serenades. 


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