Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Question of Love

          Love is both directive and giving. I give from what I have. Therefore, I cannot love from a state of emptiness. A state of emptiness evokes need, an emotion often mistaken as love, even if the connection with another person temporarily fills that emptiness and fulfills that need. 

          A relationship, therefore, that is built on drawing from another will evoke emotions of jealousy, control, insecurity, apprehension, hostility, and even will provide contentment, but definitely not love.

          Therefore, the only way we can love is to first be emotionally balanced, mentally strong, and rationally capable of offering consideration. As a result, any attempt to build a capacity to love must be preceded by a building of these attributes. 

          One cannot give from a pitcher unless the pitcher has first been filled. We can then stretch this realization to an admission that unconditional love is selfish. Before we give it, we must first give to ourselves. 

           Perhaps a groovy kind of love is just around the corner if we really discovered the meaning of love. 


To you whom I haven't met yet, I believe that the love that we will share one day will unlock door and open windows that weren't even there before to a place where we going to play a game of our life time, and both of us winning lovingly. 

For me, love is about being stupid and smart together with you and ended up laughing at each other knowing the laugh that we shared will bond our love together, making it stronger. 

I hope our love will start as a friendship caught on fire, where in the beginning, there is a flame, very wonderful but often hot and fierce, yet still only light and flickering. As our love grows older, when our hearts mature, I hope you will feel in your heart our love burns bright. 

Until then, take care wherever you are in this world and put in your heart the fact that I had fallen in love with you deeply way before we knew each other. Perhaps that is a groovy kind of love that we will share one day when you read it.

The definition of my love is you.

For the other half of the sky,

The Half Moon Serenades.

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