Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rediscovering the Love In Heart

Marcus Aurelius once said:

"Whatever is in any way beautiful has its source of beauty in itself and is complete in itself."
             Have you reached a point in your life where you now look at yourself, yet do not recognize who you are? 

             Do you feel like you have lost yourself, not looking the way you used to, or not acting and doing the things the way you used to do? 

              Do not give up on yourself just yet! There are many reasons to why people let themselves go and you are not alone when it comes to this topic. In fact, the majority of people feel that they have lost themselves in one way or another. 

              While this may be a fact, it is also a fact that you can re-discover yourself and find the person you feel you have lost.

                Before you re-discover yourself, you must research and take notes on yourself, finding out what exactly it is you have lost about your persona. 

              Is it the way you used to look? 

              Or the activities you once took part of? 

              No matter what it is, you must target what that thing or things are. Once you have accomplished that assignment, you should then turn your focus on what you believe is the cause of you partial loss of yourself. 

               When did this losing yourself take place? Was it after you got involved in a relationship? After you got married? Perhaps after you started a new job somewhere? Learning about when and what caused you to let yourself go will play the main role in leading you to re-discovering yourself.

                 Acknowledging that there is something missing and what caused its disappearance is the biggest step, not to mention the most important. Without the acknowledgment, you would still be clueless! 

                It is very common for people to replace their feelings of losing themselves with thoughts telling them that they did not lose themselves, but they just changed. Get in close touch with yourself and make sure you are clear about whether you really have changed, or if you are just in denial. Feel it is difficult to detect the difference? 

              Do not give up.

             If you unsure about it, do not give up, but just go back a few steps. Go back a few steps to the place where you pin pointed exactly what it is about you that you feel you lost.

              When you get there, ask yourself if the loss actually bothers you. If it is something you think about often, wishing that you could be that way again but cannot seem to get there, then you are definitely in need of re-discovery. 

              If you feel that it is something you used to do, but is simply a past version of yourself, then you are fine and should just let it go and concentrate on moving on with your present life.
              If you do wish to get back a part of yourself that you did lose, how can you get it back? Chances are you have probably attempted getting it back, but could not stick to it and ended up giving up and feeling worse about it. 

              What you need to do is rate the importance of this and put it on your highest priority list. Make it a daily habit to report to yourself and see what you have done daily to take a step forward into gaining that part of you back. 

               Keep a daily journal and write down your thoughts on it, what you plan to do about it, and how it goes. Be sure to also write down a reminder to yourself everyday about how much you wish to get this part of you back. 

              Reminding yourself about on a constant note will help you gain the strength and confidence to push yourself harder to getting, because you believe more and more that you can do- and nothing will stop you.

              The truth is, you never really lost yourself, you just neglected apart of you that is now demanding attention again. Throw all of your excuses out the window and start facing the facts in front of you. There is nothing or no one in this world who should drive you to neglect a part of yourself. 

               You know that it takes balance and organization to maintain the other things in your life like relationships, work, friendships, family life and so on, so what makes you any different? If you want to continue being the person you always were, as well as adding new wonderful things to your personal being, then you need be organized. 

                This means making time to invest attention and effort to all angles of your personal being and the things around you, as well as the people that share an important part of your life. 

                 By organizing your time, you will soon see how your life and views about yourself wonderfully get back into shape, and you will not only re-discover yourself, but discover a new side and strength that will open more opportunities for you!


To you whom I haven't met yet, mysterious destiny, that is what is my view about you, my special someone. Will I ever met you? How would you look like? Do you have the most beautiful smile that I am longing to see for so long? 

Sometimes when I walked near the Teluk Bahang Dam, I'd always look at the sky, especially after a long heavy rain. It seems like the sky and its reflection on the water combined together, providing the most beautiful sparkle I had ever seen in my life. And the mountain at the back of the lake provide the most serene surrounding that a guy like me could ever wish to see. And when the sun comes up, it looks like heavens stopped for awhile and the earth stopped spinning, that is how beautiful the scenery there. 

I wish you was there with me. But I know it will happen one day where you and me, our heart will beat as one. 

 Once again, i end it today with a heavy heart. Still there is so much things that I would like to share with you. Things that I hope can shine up your life, my sunshine. Look up at the morning sky above, look at the pattern at the sky because for me, the pattern just look like you and I. 

With all my love, 
The Half Moon Serenades.


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Its the most beautiful feeling on this earth !!

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Wonderfully said...we all need to remember...and yes, sometimes we just get off track. Living mindfully helps....thanks for sharing...I am now following...

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Once again, i end it today with a heavy heart. Still there is so much things that I would like to share with you.

Reflections wonderful
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