Wednesday, March 2, 2011

To You Whom I Haven't Met Yet : Perhaps Love

To You Whom I Haven't Met Yet.

Perhaps love is like a resting place,
A shelter from the storm,
It exists to give you comfort,
It is there to keep you warm.

And in those times of trouble,
When you are most alone,
The memory of love, 
Will bring you home.

Perhaps love is like a window,
Perhaps an open door,
It invites you to come closer,
It wants to show you more.
And even if you lose yourself,
And don't know what to do,
The memory of love, 
Will see you through.
Love to some is like a cloud,
To some as strong as steel,

For some a way of living,
For some a way to feel.


And some say love is holding on,
And some say letting go,
And some say love is everything,
And some say they don't know.

Perhaps love is like the ocean,
Full of conflict full of change,
Like a fire when it's cold outside,
Thunder when it rains.

If I should live forever,
And all my dreams come true,
My memories of love,
Will be of you.


To you whom I haven't met yet, love is like a box of chocolate, you will never know what you gonna get. Love is when we met the other half of our love, who shared every thing with us, from a matter as tiny as an atom to as big as things called love.

Days without meeting you feels like a music without a lyric, sweet yet not really good enough. Where are you my mysterious someone? Perhaps you are somewhere out there? Or perhaps you are somewhere near me?

Hopefully one day I will be able to meet you, and perhaps the love in us is a groovy kind of love.

Put in your heart the fact that I love you so much way before we knew each other. Together we will hold our hands, and watch the sunset down the blue bayou. 

Until then, when you met me one day, love me for who I am, only then we will discover each other.

With Love,

Half Moon Serenades.

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