Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Super Sun, Super Smile of Love, Super Moon

Mark Twain once said in his book, Following the Equator:

"Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been."

          I'd always told myself that a smile is actually a love that burst a beautiful day and make it better. A smile can always brighten someone days. When we smiled, it makes people wonder whether we are deeply in love or what you've been up to. For me, the best sunshine of my life is by lending my smile to any one and makes their world a better day.

         On those weekend mornings with the super sun shinning outside of my house windows, when a spontaneous smile is not my first response out of sleep, I make sure that it's my second response, and one that quickly follows the first thought or impulse. It's rewarding when it's spontaneous and I'm a witness to my own process. It's also rewarding when it's a choice, and I choose that expression, and still I'm a witness to my own process. 

        Usually, my morning joy is subject-free. That's the best kind, because it reminds me that I don't need a specific subject or condition or situation to make me happy. Instead, my natural response is about life which makes my day flow more easily. 

      Sometimes during the day I experience moments of intensity or frustration. For example, learning a new piece of technology, trying to figure something out that seems totally illogical or just simple act of signing contract or cheque. 

       Just the other day I heard myself saying to myself:

"Oh no, not something else I have to learn!" 

         Well, that was revealing! By nature, I'm a great lover of life-long learning, collecting information in my head and my computer. That "oh, no" was a signal of my feeling overwhelmed, which I could very quickly turn to a smile, and really a laugh, both of which came long before the satisfaction of mastering yet another skill to add to my repertoire. 

         If I laugh or smile when I drop, spill, or break something that day, I know that I'm in a generally good mood. My reaction to the mishap is only related in part to the mishap; it's a reaction to life. When I react in a more negative way to spilling something, it's only in part related to the mishap and much more an indication of my general attitude.   

         It's very important to me that I feel good. I attend to my feelings as quickly as I notice that I'm feeling not-good. Smiling is simply one indicator, like smiley stickers or emoticons used widely in Internet communication. Such symbols can either be used to cover up real emotions or to represent real emotions. As with everything, me, we all, get to choose.

          Smiling is related to my "feeling barometer," which helps me to know if I'm balanced and feeling good. Balance is an in-the-moment dynamic. I'm not "always" in a state of balance, rather my intention is to move myself back to a state of balance as soon as possible when I get out of balance. To do that, I pay attention to my feelings and measure my smile.

           When I approach balance in this way, I can more easily find my balance in each situation. A long time ago, I made a decision to feel good. I don't have to figure out all the aspects of every situation in which I find myself, I simply pay attention to how I feel or if I'm beaming, and realign myself when I'm off balance.
          Smiling makes everything easier for me. In case it's not obvious in what I've said so far, I'm talking about a genuine, inner expression which usually also shows on my face. I didn't write all this to explain that I put a pretend smile on my face, although if ever I need to start with pretending, I do that gladly. 

          The smile I'm talking about is more than an expression you can view on my face; it's a feeling that I can feel down to the cells in my toes. When my cells smile, I am truly joyous. 

          For me, when the night time arrived, it is the key to living a beautiful and successful life. Yes not money, not power, but night time. This is the time that is so elusive which we are all running after, all yearning for a super nice moon. Super moon is very difficult to define and put into a few words, but it is essentially that state of surrounding where we are completely satisfied with us, and our lives, and we are at peace with ourselves.

          As simple as this may sound, the beauty of super moon is the most difficult state to achieve. Sages and philosophers have been trying to find the perfect solution to find this beauty of super moon for millions of years. However the only way to find it is to be happy with oneself. 

      If I am happy with myself, my work, the people around me, then I am happy, and the simplest way to master this unique super moon is to 'smile'. 

      Yes, smile! If you can smile through all the adversities and problems in your life, then you have perfected super moon. This state can be achieved only when you have a positive attitude.

        It cannot be achieved if you are pessimistic, and have a negative attitude. It is only when you can smile even in the face of adversity or when the chips are down, even when things are not exactly going our way, that you can be happy. The most important lesson that has to be learnt from this is to have confidence in yourself, and give yourself respect.

          This is the simplest way of proving that smile is the super sun and super moon of love in our life. Perhaps, it is truly a groovy kind of love.


To you whom I haven't met, this coming Saturday, there will be a natural universe phenomenon called the Super Moon. How I wish you really exist and we can hold our hand next to each other watching the full moon with our love and passion.

But it's okay. I am getting used to be alone in my life. When I met my first love, I thought she was you, but she want to be with someone else instead of me. My heart crushed when she left me but maybe God have other plan for me, or maybe you are just around the corner waiting for me to find you. Nobody knows right?

Anyway, I want to see your happy one day my mysterious someone. The greatest joy in my life is to see someone that I love dearly in my heart, smile and say, thank you for making my day a better place to live.

I live in the world where sometimes, people take love for granted. They don't really realize that love is so pure and simple. I hope one day when I finally found you, we will be forever in love, not by sharing every day things, but by looking at the same direction together. 

My life is like a canvas, waiting for you to paint the color of love on it. Hopefully, my prayers to meet someone who really love me and appreciated my love will be granted by God one day. And I hope that special someone will be you, my mysterious sky.

You are my half moon serenades, but when this Saturday come, look at the sky my angel wherever you are, because the love that we gonna shared one day, is the only myth that never change. Put in your heart the fact that I love you so much way before we knew each other.

I won't be far away my love,

Half Moon Serenades.



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