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My Groovy Kind of Travel: Boracay Island, The Philippines


           Few months ago in September 2010, I had the opportunity to go for a holiday in the beautiful island of Boracay, an island located roughly 315 km south of Manila, The Philippines. 

        My journey started in Penang where I drove my Perodua Myvi (Malaysia-version of Toyota Passo) for approximately 400 km to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) to catch a flight by Cebu Pacific Air the next day. The normal journey on the North-South Expressway (PLUS) that normally took 5 hours instead took me roughly around 7 hours as I had to make an unscheduled stop at Ipoh to met one of my Facebook friends, Ashley. 


           I arrived at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport 36 hours before my flight and the best placed to stay there is this beautiful hotel named Pan Pacific KLIA Hotel. The staff there was simply awesome and I was given a Deluxe King room that cost me roughly around RM 600++ per night inclusive of the tax. Well, I guess it is a very reasonable pricing since the moment I parked my car there, there is a golf buggy ferrying me even to the toilet and waiting patiently to bring me back to the main lobby to check-in! Life's awesome.

EXPENDITURE:      RM 700++

        For no particular reason, I forget that my flight is departing from KLIA at 1.00 a.m in the wee hours and foolishly rushing there only to be notified that Cebu Pacific Air is arriving 1 hour late from scheduled time. What a rush! Well, after checking-in my luggage, I walked aimlessly in our beautiful international airport and my eyes can't stop looking at this beautiful arch there. What an amazing sight to be seen. But to be honest, the lunch there is horrible and not worth the price I paid.

EXPENDITURE:              RM 20++ (for a plate of Fried Rice)

           The stewardess is so pretty until I didn't noticed that I had stepped into the Airbus A320-200 Cebu Pacific Air. Well, this is in an overview of how the aircraft looks like. Reminds me of the time when I go to Hawaii, United States of America. Quite colorful eventhough kinda old. This flight roughly took around 4 hours to reach Manila where I will be transiting in a domestic flight to Caticlan. 


              I arrived at Terminal 3 of Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila approximately around 5.00 a.m in the morning and after having a very sumptuous breakfast, I decided to go the terminal to catch another Cebu Pacific Air flight to Godofredo P.Ramos Airport in Caticlan, Boracay. Amazingly the flight ticket is quite cheap considering the journey will take you around 1 hour only. I missed the atmosphere of Manila, hopefully one day I can returned here in backpacking trip. 

EXPENDITURE:          RM 200++

             I arrived at Godofredo P.Ramos Airport in Caticlan roughly one hour later and to my surprised, the airport is quite old school compared to some rural area airport that I had seen in my trip to Kenya. But definitely, it was well maintained by the staff and the flowery scent really greet me well. From there, I had to take a local taxi to the jetty to catch a boat to Boracay Island. I heard a myth among the traveler that traveling in foreign taxi is quite dangerous, but to my surprise, the local there can spoke Malay language fluently, and as such, I don't really have any problem communicating with them even though my Tagalog is as good as zero.


               The boat to Boracay Island bear a similar resemblance to the one I took last year on my backpacking journey in Indonesia albeit in kinda shaky especially in the middle of the sea. The tourist guide in the boat is talking non-stop and quite frankly, I am not paying any attention to him since the beautiful sea is so serene to ignore.

EXPENDITURE:          RM 90++

             I arrived at the Boracay Yapak and after a short phone call, there was a guy in a van came to the jetty and fetch me straight to Shangri-La Boracay Resorts & Spa. What can I say is that the resorts is absolutely marvelous and the staff there is really friendly, making me felt that I am still in Malaysia! I was lucky that the room that I booked is still available and I chose the South Wing Deluxe Sea View for roughly around RM 1700 per night. 


                    The room is awesome and worth the money being paid! AWESOME in capital letters. But of course the sentimental moment is there considering this trip is being planned as a birthday gift to my ex-girlfriend but I am going there alone. However, the room is superb with Plasma TV, king-size bed, leather sofas, hot shower with bath tub the size of BMW Mini Coopers.  I am enjoying my time there. 


                  Now, this is the best part, here below is the six scenic view of Boracay Island, The Philippines! Hope you enjoy reading my travel experience! 

The white sandy beach at Boracay Friday Beach.
The Pinoy called this Blue Boracay.
The weird boat at the beach where local named it as Bora.
The spas that enjoyed so much but caution, there is extremely beautiful lady helping you there, unless you are shy-ghost, nothing to be worried.

The coconut tree really provide me with romantic feelings. 



To you whom I haven't met yet, sometimes when I go for a trip alone, I really wished that I will meet you along the way. I thought I had met you when I met my first sweetheart. She is my every thing and I brought her to a lot of places together but sadly, I am down with illness for much of 2010 and she left me soon after.

But I never stopped wishing my mysterious someone. Deep in my heart, I knew you are somewhere out there, beneath the rainbow of beautiful sky. One day, when you appeared in my life, I want to make you the luckiest girl in this world, not by pampering you with gift and travel but by treating you the way a girl supposed to be treated, perhaps better.

I am not getting younger, and deep in my heart, I still believe I am young enough to continue my pursuit of happiness. I want you to be like me too. One day when you read my blog, I want you to know that I had fallen in love with you way before we knew each other, and my angel, it is a groovy kind of love that we will share with each other, hands in hands, till death do us apart.

Loving You,

Half Moon Serenades.

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