Monday, March 21, 2011

The Hearts of Love

 William Shakespeare once said:

"Love is a smoke made the fume of sighs." 
             There are many things where images stand for something or symbolize something else. The color white stands for purity and the image of a dove symbolizes peace, and the heart means love. 

            The way people associate these images with other things is brought about by culture, tradition, and belief. In many ways, these symbolisms are important in reminding us of what they represent, and they are important as well because something that is as small as a drawing can come to mean so many different things.

          When it comes to love, there are many other symbols that are associated with it such as flowers, rings, and for some even chocolates. But the heart is the most well known symbol for love. 

          Of so many things that can be associated with love, why is it that heart is being used as the sign of love?

          Physiologically, a person's heart gives him his life. Without the heart or when the heart stops beating, a person is medically considered to be dead. As with love, most people consider love to give them life. 

         Without love, people will feel that they are dead because of the emptiness. When a healthy person has a healthy heart, he feels full of life and can do so many things. This can be said for love as well. Love can make a person feel full of life and can accomplish so many things because of the inspiration that love brings. 

         The color red has also been associated with love. In a person's body, the blood that the heart pumps out and causes you to be alive is of color red too.
        When a person feels bad about his love or experiences troubles in life, he can feel as though the heart itself is physically aching as well. People hold and touch on their chest to calm them down and the sadness they feel as if they cannot breathe anymore. This physical condition can be easily related to the heart as well as too much fatigue and can cause your heart to ache.

         On a positive side, the sight of the person you love can make you physically feel as if your heart is indeed beating faster. Because of the emotions that you feel and the signals you send to your brain, your heart races fast. Thus, love can be felt again in the same body organ, the heart.

       The heart is physically and physiologically at the center of human life. As with love, people consider love to be the most vital of all emotions and the foundation of the lasting and meaningful relationships, putting it in the center of their lives.

       Love is indeed similar to many things that the heart does and represents. Drawing hearts on greeting cards or placing heart designs in gifts and photos will instantly show that this is the person you love. 

       People do not use this symbol for anything else except for showing their love to their special someone.

       Perhaps heart is a groovy kind of shape that color the world of our love.

To you whom I haven't met yet, my heart is filled with so much love and I need you to shared it with me. I will care for you and you will care for me, our love will live forever. I will close my eyes and pray to the Almighty God that all my wishes will come true. I will wait for you endlessly because you see, sometimes fairy tales does come true, and so are you.
       Dear special someone, I believe that we haven't because the Almighty God is saving you just for me and it is just a matter of time before we meet each other. Or perhaps we already knew each other but the love is not on the air yet. Or perhaps you and me, we simply need to wait for each other to appear with smile.

        Once again, I end this letter today with a heavy heart. There is so much things that I would like to share with you, things that is so fascinating, marvelous which I couldn't kept alone in my heart. Hear it with your heart at the morning breeze my special someone, because my love will come softly to cheer you up, and when the night comes, see the stars above, because there is where my love is. Falling into your heart. 

Love as sweet as gravity,

Half Moon Serenades. 

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Neneng Tarigan said...

Very beautiful blog with nice soothingly music, full with love from a young heart..........I like it.