Monday, March 28, 2011

The Love In My Heart

Kahlil Gibran once said:

"And then to sleep with a prayer for the beloved in your heart and a song of praise upon your lips. "

         Half moon serenade. I really love this 80's song by Naoko  Kawai. This is one of the first song I tried to play when I visited my friend few years back.

        I still remember I promised myself that I will play again this song, perfectly, when I met my first love. I want her to feel the love that we shared. 

       And I did it albeit in more special way, playing it through Windows Live Messenger (she is studying in Sabah). That was the day, from January till April 2009, I'll play a song or two for her through Windows Live Messenger. 

       Sometimes, she came back to her room with a sad face while on web cam with me, telling how friends around her making her unhappy, and by doing this, it helps her. 

       Life must goes on for me. Despite the heart-ache that in me, I just serenade it within my mind over the half moon. She let me down when she left me by one simple SMS over the hand-phone while I'm in hospital. But in my heart, my love for her never change.

         It is true that in my life, this is not the first time people let me down, but being let down by someone who I love with my whole heart, it makes me started to lose hope on love, to give love a second chance. 

        Perhaps I don't have much luck in relationship, or perhaps, it is just me serenading under the half moon.

         Sometimes, I'd always hope that one day, I will find my own Jenny Curran (just like how Forrest Gump did), or my own Belle (just like how the Beast did), or my own Yoko Ono (just like how John Lennon did). 

        Someone who is patience enough to listen and going through all the craps that I did, laugh when I'm telling a stupid joke, and be with me through all my ups and downs. 

         Someone who will stand up and not embarrassed to tell everyone:

         Fairy tales does happen. Really. But it only happened when the other half of my sky existed. When I meet her, I won't tried my best to make her the happiest woman in the world (because it is impossible) but I will try my best to be a man who will fight for her honor.

        When night times arrived, when there was nothing to do and the life was all empty, I'd always shed some tears, alone. I guess there is not enough stars in the sky to cheer me up. 

        I don't really know what happen to the sky of Penang, sometimes it is so bright bright with stars until I can walk without any help of artificial light, but sometimes, there is no stars at all, putting my surrounding into dark black. 

      I wish I could have someone to be with me when the stars is there.

         But I guess I need to put my past behind me before I can move on. And slowly but surely I know it will happen when the other half of my sky appeared in front of me. 

      About Charis. I miss her, but I'm alone with it, she knows me very well, if there is anything she need or want, i won't be far away, just like how I bring her out from sadness called 'broken relationship'.

       I don't really know whether our destiny is fixed already, I don't know whether it is like a breeze, passing by in our life but I do know one thing, my life must go on.

           Until then, I will continue my own 'half moon serenade'...


For the special someone whom I haven't met yet, I might shed tears now, but you worth all the wait and tears that drops down to this God-given heaven called earth. Put in your heart the fact that I love you way before we meet each other (really really really). And feel proud with it, because you are every woman in the world to me.

With love,

The Half Moon Serenade

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Respect In Love

Kahlil Gibran once said:

"The chemist who can extract from his heart's elements, compassion, respect, longing, patience, regret, surprise, and forgiveness and compound them into one can create that atom which is called love."

            What is in the words of "I love you" if there is no respect? 

            It is so easy these days to say I love you. We can say it through singing telegrams, flowers, candy, gifts, chocolate and even text messages now. 

           The traditional way to let someone know you love and care about them is by giving them a card that says so. 

          Even phone conversations often end with a little "I love you" as we run to our next action for the day.

          But how many times can we say I love and yet refuse to listen? How many times can we say 'I love you' and criticize our partner's their thoughts or actions if they are not like ours. 

          Showing true love in our lives to our partners and family begins with respect. It is sustained with continual appreciation and respect for that special person in our lives.

          Respect is sometimes defined as "having regard for" or "appreciation of"; and my favorite definition is "avoiding violation of." 

          How do we avoid violating our partner or loved one?

          A violation within a relationship can happen in many ways, but it always involves breaking the will of someone else. When we break the will of our partner, they will struggle with trusting us. Breaking that person's will usually lead to breaking their spirit.

          If you find your partner does not have the "spirit" or energy to keep trying then do a check on the respect areas of your relationship with these questions:

1. When they speak do you listen or ignore them?

2. When they have an idea do you praise or belittle that idea?

3. When they accomplish something or perform a difficult task do you offer praise and acknowledgment of a job well done?

4. Do you talk down to your partner?

           Your answers here will help you to realize if you are respecting and honoring your partner within your relationship or taking them for granted.

         A relationship built on a foundation of mutual respect between partners is one that opens to freedom. It is a relationship that encourages the other person to grow and flourish in their environment. 

         Respect, like trust, is often earned, especially if it has been violated. However, it can be restored in a relationship that has been broken.

          Allowing your partner to be who they are and experience their ideas and individuality is the virtue of respect. The two of you have your unique differences, opinions, attitudes and moods, but together can experience a perfect blend of variety and often unexpected excitement within a relationship by accepting the distinction between you.

          Your road back to respect is the path that allows your uniqueness and that of your partner as well. It is not for spite to require your identity to be known, but for harmony with your mate who singularly has the freedom to express their own identity. Your journey back to a love filled with respect will involve first respecting yourself and accepting your own thoughts and ideas without judgment. 

        This will then blossom into providing that same acceptance for your partner without judgment.

        Celebrate the days you are able to provide respect for yourself and others; and acknowledge your ability to do so. 

          Accept your failure as a learning experience and apologize when you do let them or yourself down. 

         This relationship can be a journey filled with love and respect which is much more fulfilling.

          Perhaps it is just a groovy kind of love that existed in this world.


To you whom I haven't met yet, I am not sure you knew it or not, but I guess you don't know.

There is something about life that we often neglect. One of it is that life is like a rainbow. 

Do you agree?

If yes, it is good. It shows that you and me, if one day I am brave enough to tell you, can be like peas and carrots.

If no, are you sure? 

Hold on. Whenever the sky lashes down the rain, wait until it appear.The rainbow of course, not me. 

Because forever and a day, there will be a rainbow connection between us. You on the other side, me on the other side too. 

I just haven't met you yet,

Half Moon Serenades.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Hearts of Love

 William Shakespeare once said:

"Love is a smoke made the fume of sighs." 
             There are many things where images stand for something or symbolize something else. The color white stands for purity and the image of a dove symbolizes peace, and the heart means love. 

            The way people associate these images with other things is brought about by culture, tradition, and belief. In many ways, these symbolisms are important in reminding us of what they represent, and they are important as well because something that is as small as a drawing can come to mean so many different things.

          When it comes to love, there are many other symbols that are associated with it such as flowers, rings, and for some even chocolates. But the heart is the most well known symbol for love. 

          Of so many things that can be associated with love, why is it that heart is being used as the sign of love?

          Physiologically, a person's heart gives him his life. Without the heart or when the heart stops beating, a person is medically considered to be dead. As with love, most people consider love to give them life. 

         Without love, people will feel that they are dead because of the emptiness. When a healthy person has a healthy heart, he feels full of life and can do so many things. This can be said for love as well. Love can make a person feel full of life and can accomplish so many things because of the inspiration that love brings. 

         The color red has also been associated with love. In a person's body, the blood that the heart pumps out and causes you to be alive is of color red too.
        When a person feels bad about his love or experiences troubles in life, he can feel as though the heart itself is physically aching as well. People hold and touch on their chest to calm them down and the sadness they feel as if they cannot breathe anymore. This physical condition can be easily related to the heart as well as too much fatigue and can cause your heart to ache.

         On a positive side, the sight of the person you love can make you physically feel as if your heart is indeed beating faster. Because of the emotions that you feel and the signals you send to your brain, your heart races fast. Thus, love can be felt again in the same body organ, the heart.

       The heart is physically and physiologically at the center of human life. As with love, people consider love to be the most vital of all emotions and the foundation of the lasting and meaningful relationships, putting it in the center of their lives.

       Love is indeed similar to many things that the heart does and represents. Drawing hearts on greeting cards or placing heart designs in gifts and photos will instantly show that this is the person you love. 

       People do not use this symbol for anything else except for showing their love to their special someone.

       Perhaps heart is a groovy kind of shape that color the world of our love.

To you whom I haven't met yet, my heart is filled with so much love and I need you to shared it with me. I will care for you and you will care for me, our love will live forever. I will close my eyes and pray to the Almighty God that all my wishes will come true. I will wait for you endlessly because you see, sometimes fairy tales does come true, and so are you.
       Dear special someone, I believe that we haven't because the Almighty God is saving you just for me and it is just a matter of time before we meet each other. Or perhaps we already knew each other but the love is not on the air yet. Or perhaps you and me, we simply need to wait for each other to appear with smile.

        Once again, I end this letter today with a heavy heart. There is so much things that I would like to share with you, things that is so fascinating, marvelous which I couldn't kept alone in my heart. Hear it with your heart at the morning breeze my special someone, because my love will come softly to cheer you up, and when the night comes, see the stars above, because there is where my love is. Falling into your heart. 

Love as sweet as gravity,

Half Moon Serenades. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Super Sun, Super Smile of Love, Super Moon

Mark Twain once said in his book, Following the Equator:

"Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been."

          I'd always told myself that a smile is actually a love that burst a beautiful day and make it better. A smile can always brighten someone days. When we smiled, it makes people wonder whether we are deeply in love or what you've been up to. For me, the best sunshine of my life is by lending my smile to any one and makes their world a better day.

         On those weekend mornings with the super sun shinning outside of my house windows, when a spontaneous smile is not my first response out of sleep, I make sure that it's my second response, and one that quickly follows the first thought or impulse. It's rewarding when it's spontaneous and I'm a witness to my own process. It's also rewarding when it's a choice, and I choose that expression, and still I'm a witness to my own process. 

        Usually, my morning joy is subject-free. That's the best kind, because it reminds me that I don't need a specific subject or condition or situation to make me happy. Instead, my natural response is about life which makes my day flow more easily. 

      Sometimes during the day I experience moments of intensity or frustration. For example, learning a new piece of technology, trying to figure something out that seems totally illogical or just simple act of signing contract or cheque. 

       Just the other day I heard myself saying to myself:

"Oh no, not something else I have to learn!" 

         Well, that was revealing! By nature, I'm a great lover of life-long learning, collecting information in my head and my computer. That "oh, no" was a signal of my feeling overwhelmed, which I could very quickly turn to a smile, and really a laugh, both of which came long before the satisfaction of mastering yet another skill to add to my repertoire. 

         If I laugh or smile when I drop, spill, or break something that day, I know that I'm in a generally good mood. My reaction to the mishap is only related in part to the mishap; it's a reaction to life. When I react in a more negative way to spilling something, it's only in part related to the mishap and much more an indication of my general attitude.   

         It's very important to me that I feel good. I attend to my feelings as quickly as I notice that I'm feeling not-good. Smiling is simply one indicator, like smiley stickers or emoticons used widely in Internet communication. Such symbols can either be used to cover up real emotions or to represent real emotions. As with everything, me, we all, get to choose.

          Smiling is related to my "feeling barometer," which helps me to know if I'm balanced and feeling good. Balance is an in-the-moment dynamic. I'm not "always" in a state of balance, rather my intention is to move myself back to a state of balance as soon as possible when I get out of balance. To do that, I pay attention to my feelings and measure my smile.

           When I approach balance in this way, I can more easily find my balance in each situation. A long time ago, I made a decision to feel good. I don't have to figure out all the aspects of every situation in which I find myself, I simply pay attention to how I feel or if I'm beaming, and realign myself when I'm off balance.
          Smiling makes everything easier for me. In case it's not obvious in what I've said so far, I'm talking about a genuine, inner expression which usually also shows on my face. I didn't write all this to explain that I put a pretend smile on my face, although if ever I need to start with pretending, I do that gladly. 

          The smile I'm talking about is more than an expression you can view on my face; it's a feeling that I can feel down to the cells in my toes. When my cells smile, I am truly joyous. 

          For me, when the night time arrived, it is the key to living a beautiful and successful life. Yes not money, not power, but night time. This is the time that is so elusive which we are all running after, all yearning for a super nice moon. Super moon is very difficult to define and put into a few words, but it is essentially that state of surrounding where we are completely satisfied with us, and our lives, and we are at peace with ourselves.

          As simple as this may sound, the beauty of super moon is the most difficult state to achieve. Sages and philosophers have been trying to find the perfect solution to find this beauty of super moon for millions of years. However the only way to find it is to be happy with oneself. 

      If I am happy with myself, my work, the people around me, then I am happy, and the simplest way to master this unique super moon is to 'smile'. 

      Yes, smile! If you can smile through all the adversities and problems in your life, then you have perfected super moon. This state can be achieved only when you have a positive attitude.

        It cannot be achieved if you are pessimistic, and have a negative attitude. It is only when you can smile even in the face of adversity or when the chips are down, even when things are not exactly going our way, that you can be happy. The most important lesson that has to be learnt from this is to have confidence in yourself, and give yourself respect.

          This is the simplest way of proving that smile is the super sun and super moon of love in our life. Perhaps, it is truly a groovy kind of love.


To you whom I haven't met, this coming Saturday, there will be a natural universe phenomenon called the Super Moon. How I wish you really exist and we can hold our hand next to each other watching the full moon with our love and passion.

But it's okay. I am getting used to be alone in my life. When I met my first love, I thought she was you, but she want to be with someone else instead of me. My heart crushed when she left me but maybe God have other plan for me, or maybe you are just around the corner waiting for me to find you. Nobody knows right?

Anyway, I want to see your happy one day my mysterious someone. The greatest joy in my life is to see someone that I love dearly in my heart, smile and say, thank you for making my day a better place to live.

I live in the world where sometimes, people take love for granted. They don't really realize that love is so pure and simple. I hope one day when I finally found you, we will be forever in love, not by sharing every day things, but by looking at the same direction together. 

My life is like a canvas, waiting for you to paint the color of love on it. Hopefully, my prayers to meet someone who really love me and appreciated my love will be granted by God one day. And I hope that special someone will be you, my mysterious sky.

You are my half moon serenades, but when this Saturday come, look at the sky my angel wherever you are, because the love that we gonna shared one day, is the only myth that never change. Put in your heart the fact that I love you so much way before we knew each other.

I won't be far away my love,

Half Moon Serenades.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cheating In Love?

William Somerset Maugham once said:

"Love is only a dirty trick played on us to achieve continuation of the species."          

             Do you remember the love stories your mother told you?  They were so pure and endless….

             Do you remember your dreams about the sweetheart, don't you? 

            And now, what about your love affair? 

           You finally met somebody to love and to cherish.  You dream about the wedding dress, making you a fairytale princess or prince, exciting wonder and admiration of the bridegroom and all the guests, demonstrating your enviable chiselled figure. 

          Have you already thought your future life over?  A country house, three or four lovely babies on the lawn near it?  How to make your still-loving-and-hoping heart forget about it?  

          You are absolutely crushed by the situation.  What is to be done, if your special someone is just cheating on you?  Isn't it better to be in blissful ignorance or to face the problem and tackle it?  It's up to you, but your aching heart is silent. 

           Emotions, nothing but emotions. 

            But what made you sure, that you are cheated on (except the case, when you catch your cheating boyfriend/cheating girlfriend on the scene of crime)?  

           They say, the most tormenting thing in cheating is suspicion.

          What are the signs of cheating? 

          Well, it depends. You have been knowing each other not for the first year, or you're living together for a long time, you know all the habits and tastes of your partner, there's already a lot of routine in the relationships, there's no butterflies in the stomach, and you don't even remember how it felt in the beginning. 

         You've been feeling very comfortable, but suddenly you may find out that something doesn't seem right or just different. In fact that's the sign number one. So is he/she cheating on you?

          Being too suspicious isn't right either. But there are some signs of a cheating partner that are quiet obvious. Yes, it's the lipstick on the shirts, cheeks or anywhere else, smell of  perfume, which is not yours, slim cigarettes or any other things forgotten in the car, whispering  in the cell-phone talks, the unknown phone numbers or even addresses, notes, letters, e-mails, sms, extra-work, extra-miles, odd explanations of the absence or phone switched off, strange credit cart receipts, and on and on.

         Are there any special signs of cheating? What makes us suspect?  Less attention and time devoted to us?  Or visa versa,as if your partner is redressing a wrong?  More care about he/her himself/herself?  New sexy wear? Strange smell?  Alien things? Have you noticed some coldness in relationships? Absence of love feeling?

         Cheating partners always do show those signs in behavior in more or less obvious way. A cheating girlfriend can start a sudden diet or go to a fitness club, go on buying and buying new clothes, probably of a more sexy style than usually. A cheating boyfriend may not be going crazy about his appearance as women do, but still can show more attention to what he looks like.

           Changing habits, tastes, which have been the same for years, point on cheating partners also very distinctly. Also cheating may start with paying attention to the things they never cared about or were interested in. But that doesn't always mean that he or she is cheating. That's the sign of some strong influence of any kind from the outside. 

           Changes in the relationships between the partners should make anyone become aware of that something's happening. Cheating partners may become more attentive and nice, or, on the contrary, indifferent and aggressive; they can start giving sudden gifts trying to decrease the guilt they feel inside; or they can find permanent faults in the behavior of their second halves, blaming in such a on them their own relations on the side.

              All these give heartache, and pain, and suffering…  Your heart will tell you.  Do you hesitate if it's right to ask bluntly?  Talk to your partner. Then take a decision. 

            Can we explain cheating partners?  Why?  Is your cheating boyfriend is crazy about beautiful women? Is he a primitive womanizer?  Or, maybe, cheating partners are getting fed up with the present way of life and looking for the new?  The beginning of your love story is the most important phase.  

            Did your partner tell you about his love of seducing, or you planned your future family life together?  Here is the core of the problem.  Maybe, you were so carried away by your dreams, that didn't want to hear about his desire to be free? 

           How not to drive yourself and your partners to cheating? 

            It's well-known that any problem is easier to prevent, than to solve its consequences.  What kills your feelings?  Love is wonderful, but it has to be given much more than that, when two people live together.  And only you have to find some way out of the situation. 

          The basis to the relationship must be 100 % trust in each others love.  So, respect your partners wishes and interests.  Give him/her a bit of liberty.  Do not dissolve in your partner totally and absolutely. Have your own occupations and interests. With love there should never be such a word as habit.  To find the right person who is 100 % physically and mentally attractive  is like finding a diamond in a mountain of sand.  
            Treasure him/her!  Never take the person you love for granted!  Try to brighten his/her day with a word, a kiss, making love on the spur of the moment.  Be fabulous and exciting, loving and wise. 

           Perhaps one day, you will find a groovy kind of love. 


To you whom I haven't met yet, I really believe that before you and me bump to each other in future, we were half a person. You know there is an old myth about people being half and the other half being in the sky, or in the heaven, or on the other side of the universe, or perhaps just a mirror image. But for me, we are two halves, and together we're a whole. That's what I feel about us. 

Dear someone, I have been waiting for you for quite a long time. But don't be sad, don't be afraid. Deep in my heart, I will wait for you to appear in my life one day. There was an old saying by a Greek philosopher that I quote, true love is like a blossoming lavender, it is a long wait, but when it blossomed, you will enjoy the air of serenity and love within it. How I wish that quote can be translated into real life.

For the other half of the sky that I haven't met yet, the moment you click into this letter, kept that in your heart that I had fallen in love with you way before we met each other in real life. For that my special someone, you and me, we shared a groovy kind of love together. 

With love,
Half Moon Serenades.


Friday, March 11, 2011

The Faith In Love

Khalil Gibran once said:

"Faith is an oasis in the heart which will never be reached by the caravan of thinking."
          There are many kinds of love, but what this article is concerned with is that form of love usually known as 'romantic love' or 'true love'. 

         So what is romantic love and why do we need to define it?

         Quite often we come across the scenario that a man or woman in a relationship is asking him or herself the question: 

"Is it love?" 

          So, how can someone tell? Then there is another scenario, sometimes used in Hollywood movies as a plot device, wherein somebody doesn't actually believe in romantic love  in its actual existence,  and so is willing to settle for something much less until the right man or woman comes along, of course!

         Then again, there is the phenomenon of so-called "love at first sight". 

         Is this emotion that appears in a single moment something that a couple can base a lifelong commitment upon?
          Here are my own views on the question of what is love, based on my life's experiences.

         Firstly, "love at first sight". 

         All the time we see other people who we find attractive. Some of them are more attractive than others. Some of them are very attractive indeed. If we see someone who falls into the latter group, and there are also other things about the person that makes him or her appear as a possible partner (for the human mind is very good at making judgments like this in a split-second, based on factors such as clothing style, what the other person is doing at the time, context and so on) then this combination of emotionally powerful components can be so strong as to qualify as "love at first sight".

           There are many couples whose relationship has begun in this way, but mere physical attraction, however strong, is not enough in itself to provide a basis for a lifelong relationship. 

          This brings us on to the real heart of the question "what is love", what is it that enables us to have a long-term, even lifelong, relationship with another human being?

           It certainly can begin with attraction of the "love at first sight" kind, or something approaching that in intensity, though with some love relationships physical attraction is not the catalyst to start them into life. 

          But from whatever basis a relationship begins, physical attraction or friendship or other circumstances, if the relationship is to continue and the individuals concerned are not to "fall out of love", they must find each other's personalities delightful. 

         If you "fall in love at first sight" with someone whose personal habits, you subsequently discover -- start to irritate you, and whose views and opinions annoy you, then you will quickly find yourself falling out of love. 

         So, you must like the other person very much as a person. And, the feeling must be mutual, of course.

        Once you have attraction, followed by a mutual liking of personalities, this then leads to a deep friendship, a friendship that becomes deepened by sexuality. It becomes a friendship to beat all other friendships and relationships, and a closeness greater than any experienced before.

        And that's really all there is to it, the deepest kind of friendship that began as physical attraction and moved on to a closeness greater than any other in the lives of the people concerned. 

        It's romantic love.

        And it is something that, with careful nurturing, can last a lifetime.

        Or perhaps, it is just a groovy kind of love.

To you whom I haven't met yet, William Shakespeare once said what is in a name that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet as ever? You are the rose in my heart, even though we didn't meet yet, but I can sense the beautiful scent right from the bottom of my heart. I will wait for you to appear so that our life will be sweeter than the scent of roses.

Dear mysterious someone, I believe that we haven't because the Almighty God is saving you just for me and it is just a matter of time before we meet each other. Or perhaps we already knew each other but the love is not on the air yet. Or perhaps you and me, we simply need to wait for each other to appear with smile.

Once again, I end this post today with a heavy heart. There is so much things that I would like to share with you, things that is so fascinating, marvelous which I couldn't kept alone in my heart. Hear it with your heart at the morning breeze my special someone, because my love will come softly to cheer you up, and when the night comes, see the stars above, because there is where my love is. Falling into your heart. 

Put in your heart the fact that I had fallen in love with you way before we knew each other. Perhaps love is really like a box of chocolate like what Forrest Gump said.

With all my love,

Half Moon Serenades.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Love Tank of Our Heart


         Michael Leunig once said:

"Love one another and you will be happy, it is a simple as that."

        Love is like a tank full of water. Then, a question popped up in my mind, what fills my love tank and are there any floaters?

       There was a time when I volunteered at the orphanage, a girl came into my room with her eyes filled with crystal clear tears and her sharp chin drooping with the weight of sadness. The reality set in when she heard her own beautiful voice saying what she knew but didn't want to believe. She then uttered:

"Something`bad happened. Eve died!" 

         She was overwhelmed with grief at the loss of a koi fish that I forgot even existed in the orphanage fish tank. The little girl, Jenny, was experiencing the pain of losing something she loved. Eve, the koi fish existence filled Jenny's heart with happiness. 

        She filled her love tank, so to speak. Upon finding poor Eve floating belly up, she no longer had the presence of dear koi fish. Now her tacky little fish tank was representative of her heart. It was less full.

      Life throws some mean punches, doesn't it? To unleash our emotions and cling to something or someone is as natural as breathing. Yet toys deteriorate, metal gets dented, electronics fall into the toilet and have technical difficulties, someone tries to revive it by baking it in the oven and it suffers irreparable damages, and we are flawed and will be on both the giving and receiving ends of hurt and disappointment. 

         Yet longing, loving is never an option is it? Why does the yearning never cease? We love and lose, only to love again. Or we love, and keep loving, only never to be really fulfilled by that which we love. We're made with a love tank, it seems, and its need to be filled. 

       Like Jenny, I grieve when things that bring me temporary happiness are gone. Therein lies the rub, huh? I tend to focus more on that which is temporal rather than that which is eternal. 

          I spend more time thinking about ___. 

        Fill in the blank with whatever your heart desires.Fame, fortune, sex, food, perfection, status, toys, bigger-better-newer-faster toys, the perfect golf swing, the perfect kid, the position, the club, to be "in" instead of "out" of the "in" whatever the "in" is at the moment as far as you know for right now, etc. The list goes on. 

         I think God wants us to find pleasure with things in our lives, but with a proper perspective. When will I realize that the "things" I allow into my love tank are there for my temporary enjoyment, not my ultimate fulfillment? With passionate devotion, why don't I cling to the one where love itself finds its source?

        When the punches are thrown, I'm prone to wander, though. I'm weak to temptation and arrogant about doing life my way. Still, my heart gravitates to so many things that won't fulfill my love tank. They won't, because they can't. 

         We claim things, they don't claim us. The fact is, "things" don't endure because "things" have no obligation to us. We bring the things into our world. How ironic is it that God began his redeeming relationship with his people not with a proposition, but with a promise. "I will be your God." He committed Himself to us! 

        In spite of ourselves, He claims us. I need to trust my fulfillment to come from the one who promises to be my portion. Out of gratitude, I should faithfully cling to the author of my being who promises to never leave me nor forsake me. My love tank was created to be filled, ultimately fulfilled, by the very one who created it. 

        Maybe if I meditated more on the spiritual rather than the temporal longings of my heart, I'd actually be more free to love because my ultimate fulfillment wouldn't be contingent upon the existence or absence of a dead, floating fish, for example.

           Just as Eve's presence created a (temporary) sense of happiness for Jenny, God's presence creates a fulfilling love that produces a peace that passes all understanding. He keeps and completes His promises. 

       That gives me hope. Our heart longs for that presence because His love is the only love that has no end. He doesn't leave us, because He can't. We exist in His world. I like word pictures, so I'm going to visualize my love tank as if it's that tacky little fish tank. 

        How full is my love tank, and who or what do I trust to fill it? I need to slow down and examine its contents, the desires of my heart, more often. I'm sure I'll find some floaters.

       The one who will love me with all her heart and the one who will hold my hands when the morning comes.

      Perhaps this groovy kind of love is worth waiting after all.


To you whom I haven't met yet, love teaches us that it is an act of happiness that is blind because we look forward for it in our mind. In my view, to find someone that love me for no reason in her mind, will make me shower her life with reasons which is the ultimate happiness.

The days that I will spend with you one day, I will look to it as a journey to the sky, filled with a beautiful scent of roses and lavender crossing above the perfumed garden, sheltered by amazing rainbow that shadowed the natural fountain of waterfall.

Will you be there for me every time my heart is lonely and be my destiny in this empty heart?

Will you be there just to say you are mine one day and asking me why I love you endlessly?

My mysterious someone, put in your heart the fact that I had fallen in love with you way before we knew each other. Just think of you, it makes my day.

When you are alone and watching the gray sky, when there is stories behind your smiles, remember that there is someone out there, which is me, that want your love just more than a little while.

I love you, for every seconds that I am waiting for you to appear in my life.

Missing you,

Half Moon Serenades.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

To You Whom I Haven't Met Yet : Perhaps Love

To You Whom I Haven't Met Yet.

Perhaps love is like a resting place,
A shelter from the storm,
It exists to give you comfort,
It is there to keep you warm.

And in those times of trouble,
When you are most alone,
The memory of love, 
Will bring you home.

Perhaps love is like a window,
Perhaps an open door,
It invites you to come closer,
It wants to show you more.
And even if you lose yourself,
And don't know what to do,
The memory of love, 
Will see you through.
Love to some is like a cloud,
To some as strong as steel,

For some a way of living,
For some a way to feel.


And some say love is holding on,
And some say letting go,
And some say love is everything,
And some say they don't know.

Perhaps love is like the ocean,
Full of conflict full of change,
Like a fire when it's cold outside,
Thunder when it rains.

If I should live forever,
And all my dreams come true,
My memories of love,
Will be of you.


To you whom I haven't met yet, love is like a box of chocolate, you will never know what you gonna get. Love is when we met the other half of our love, who shared every thing with us, from a matter as tiny as an atom to as big as things called love.

Days without meeting you feels like a music without a lyric, sweet yet not really good enough. Where are you my mysterious someone? Perhaps you are somewhere out there? Or perhaps you are somewhere near me?

Hopefully one day I will be able to meet you, and perhaps the love in us is a groovy kind of love.

Put in your heart the fact that I love you so much way before we knew each other. Together we will hold our hands, and watch the sunset down the blue bayou. 

Until then, when you met me one day, love me for who I am, only then we will discover each other.

With Love,

Half Moon Serenades.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Groovy Kind of Travel: Boracay Island, The Philippines


           Few months ago in September 2010, I had the opportunity to go for a holiday in the beautiful island of Boracay, an island located roughly 315 km south of Manila, The Philippines. 

        My journey started in Penang where I drove my Perodua Myvi (Malaysia-version of Toyota Passo) for approximately 400 km to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) to catch a flight by Cebu Pacific Air the next day. The normal journey on the North-South Expressway (PLUS) that normally took 5 hours instead took me roughly around 7 hours as I had to make an unscheduled stop at Ipoh to met one of my Facebook friends, Ashley. 


           I arrived at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport 36 hours before my flight and the best placed to stay there is this beautiful hotel named Pan Pacific KLIA Hotel. The staff there was simply awesome and I was given a Deluxe King room that cost me roughly around RM 600++ per night inclusive of the tax. Well, I guess it is a very reasonable pricing since the moment I parked my car there, there is a golf buggy ferrying me even to the toilet and waiting patiently to bring me back to the main lobby to check-in! Life's awesome.

EXPENDITURE:      RM 700++

        For no particular reason, I forget that my flight is departing from KLIA at 1.00 a.m in the wee hours and foolishly rushing there only to be notified that Cebu Pacific Air is arriving 1 hour late from scheduled time. What a rush! Well, after checking-in my luggage, I walked aimlessly in our beautiful international airport and my eyes can't stop looking at this beautiful arch there. What an amazing sight to be seen. But to be honest, the lunch there is horrible and not worth the price I paid.

EXPENDITURE:              RM 20++ (for a plate of Fried Rice)

           The stewardess is so pretty until I didn't noticed that I had stepped into the Airbus A320-200 Cebu Pacific Air. Well, this is in an overview of how the aircraft looks like. Reminds me of the time when I go to Hawaii, United States of America. Quite colorful eventhough kinda old. This flight roughly took around 4 hours to reach Manila where I will be transiting in a domestic flight to Caticlan. 


              I arrived at Terminal 3 of Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila approximately around 5.00 a.m in the morning and after having a very sumptuous breakfast, I decided to go the terminal to catch another Cebu Pacific Air flight to Godofredo P.Ramos Airport in Caticlan, Boracay. Amazingly the flight ticket is quite cheap considering the journey will take you around 1 hour only. I missed the atmosphere of Manila, hopefully one day I can returned here in backpacking trip. 

EXPENDITURE:          RM 200++

             I arrived at Godofredo P.Ramos Airport in Caticlan roughly one hour later and to my surprised, the airport is quite old school compared to some rural area airport that I had seen in my trip to Kenya. But definitely, it was well maintained by the staff and the flowery scent really greet me well. From there, I had to take a local taxi to the jetty to catch a boat to Boracay Island. I heard a myth among the traveler that traveling in foreign taxi is quite dangerous, but to my surprise, the local there can spoke Malay language fluently, and as such, I don't really have any problem communicating with them even though my Tagalog is as good as zero.


               The boat to Boracay Island bear a similar resemblance to the one I took last year on my backpacking journey in Indonesia albeit in kinda shaky especially in the middle of the sea. The tourist guide in the boat is talking non-stop and quite frankly, I am not paying any attention to him since the beautiful sea is so serene to ignore.

EXPENDITURE:          RM 90++

             I arrived at the Boracay Yapak and after a short phone call, there was a guy in a van came to the jetty and fetch me straight to Shangri-La Boracay Resorts & Spa. What can I say is that the resorts is absolutely marvelous and the staff there is really friendly, making me felt that I am still in Malaysia! I was lucky that the room that I booked is still available and I chose the South Wing Deluxe Sea View for roughly around RM 1700 per night. 


                    The room is awesome and worth the money being paid! AWESOME in capital letters. But of course the sentimental moment is there considering this trip is being planned as a birthday gift to my ex-girlfriend but I am going there alone. However, the room is superb with Plasma TV, king-size bed, leather sofas, hot shower with bath tub the size of BMW Mini Coopers.  I am enjoying my time there. 


                  Now, this is the best part, here below is the six scenic view of Boracay Island, The Philippines! Hope you enjoy reading my travel experience! 

The white sandy beach at Boracay Friday Beach.
The Pinoy called this Blue Boracay.
The weird boat at the beach where local named it as Bora.
The spas that enjoyed so much but caution, there is extremely beautiful lady helping you there, unless you are shy-ghost, nothing to be worried.

The coconut tree really provide me with romantic feelings. 



To you whom I haven't met yet, sometimes when I go for a trip alone, I really wished that I will meet you along the way. I thought I had met you when I met my first sweetheart. She is my every thing and I brought her to a lot of places together but sadly, I am down with illness for much of 2010 and she left me soon after.

But I never stopped wishing my mysterious someone. Deep in my heart, I knew you are somewhere out there, beneath the rainbow of beautiful sky. One day, when you appeared in my life, I want to make you the luckiest girl in this world, not by pampering you with gift and travel but by treating you the way a girl supposed to be treated, perhaps better.

I am not getting younger, and deep in my heart, I still believe I am young enough to continue my pursuit of happiness. I want you to be like me too. One day when you read my blog, I want you to know that I had fallen in love with you way before we knew each other, and my angel, it is a groovy kind of love that we will share with each other, hands in hands, till death do us apart.

Loving You,

Half Moon Serenades.