Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Romance & Love: How To Captured A Girl Heart?

"When romance meets destiny"

             A phrase that we have heard before. It is associated with a pretty popular movie which has managed to win the hearts of many a romance lover. When romance meets destiny is a phrase that is very inspiring. 

            For this reason, it is vital to delve deeper into what it means. Romance and destiny are the two things that most people are looking for. Those people, who are single, will want to find romance and this means finding the person they love. 

            Love is deemed to be forever and, this is very crucial. Love in films and novels are laid out pretty dramatically but, in real life, people are very much inspired by the idea of romance and, they expect all to be magical and glorious. 

           Romance has been around since man came into existence. For this reason, there is an innate need to look for romance with sophisticated ideals while expecting a lot. It feels so natural looking for romance and, in the back of our minds; we know that there is a destiny awaiting us.

             When romance meets destiny, you get to meet the person you have been looking for your whole life. Many times, it is not easy to meet such a person. Therefore, singles from all over the world employ some ways or strategies to find the affection they need. In a world that has become pretty fast paced, there are very many people who will start looking for affection when it is too late. 

            However, great people say that it is never too late for love. There is a certain age that people find the need to be joined to their destiny. This happens during youth and, it is a desire that comes from deep within. At this time when romance meets destiny, you know that you will be joined to the person you love. 

           Singles get busy looking for that special person. However, in the modern world, some singles are busy making a life for themselves just to neglect their desires. When time has passed many recognize that they need to be joined to suitable mates. 

           Singles then get busy and usually hit frustrations which will discourage in their search for love.

           When romance meets destiny, you will be joined to the person you love. This might be through many avenues like matchmakers. In modern society, matchmakers play a pivotal role in joining couples together. They provide an opportunity for you to meet romance and, more so to meet with your destiny. There is nothing more interesting and life changing than this. 

            Romance is something that we cannot do without and, for this reason, you need to ensure that you spend a fair amount of your time finding it. Keep an open mind and, you will be sure to achieve all you want in this regard. 

           Romance is sometimes fantasy and, you will find it pretty exciting to get lost in the world of romance. Have fun and when you look in all the right places, you will find romance and love.

           There are a lot of men wanting to get a girl yet don't know how. A bit frustrating right? While all the other not so looking guys got their own gorgeous girls, you're left in one corner of the cafe with no one to share a cup of coffee. How could you end this loneliness? Here's how.

Be sweet.

Girls are easy to please. Just a few gifts will make her smile so wide. Give her a bunch of fresh and fragrant flowers and she'll surely appreciate it, and might even hug you for that. There's nothing sweeter than flowers, not even chocolates can contest. Along with the flower, attach a card telling her how beautiful she is and how much you want her to be yours. This will increase your chance to make her love you.

Respect her.

If she wants some time alone, give it to her. If you've been on a date, never push her onto doing something she doesn't wan to. If you want to kiss her, ask her first. If you want to hug her, ask her again. The hands are the only part of the body which you can touch without asking permission; don't go any further than that without asking her. It is highly important to gain her trust first before you make her love you.

Earn her friend's trust.

Before a girl says yes to you, they will first ask her friends if you are good enough for her. So it is important to make friends with her friends. That's certainly a big plus. If you really want to make her love you, be patient with her friends and ride on with their likes, but only if they are good friends. Friends matter to most women. Their opinions count a lot. So make sure you've gain their trust and respect.

Know her likes and dislikes.

How to make her love you takes a lot of effort on researching and asking her closes friends about all the things she likes and dislikes. It would be great to know that a man knows where to stop when in the middle of teasing and it is also important to become aware with the things she hates most. This will help you to not do something that will make her annoyed or upset.

Show her that you care.

Showing her that you care will make her be melted by the idea. Women find it sweet when someone gets bothered when even one of their fingers get hurt. What's sweeter is to know someone will even take the bullet for them, well not literally. Express your love for her not only with those expensive gifts or long and text sweet messages, but only with your own little meaningful ways as well. Make her love you and keep her as the most special gift of all.

       Maybe it is just a groovy kind of love as what I said before that make a love alive.


To you whom I haven't met yet, love is like dew that falls on both nettles and lilies. It is like an ocean of emotions entirely surrounded by passion. But did you know that passion makes the world goes round and love makes it a comfortable place to live. The best things about being love is that every second of your life, you can shower your love to someone. Come into my life one day, my mysterious someone. The hours that I spend with you one day, I will look it up on as sort of a perfumed garden, a dim twilight and a fountain singing to it. I hope that one day you, and you alone, can make me feel that I am alive. 

And when I finally met you one day, I won't said that I had met an angels, I will say that I had met the other half of my sky and that girl is you, my mysterious someone.

Wherever you out there, whatever things you do, believe that fairy tale does come true. Put in your heart the fact that I love you so much way before we knew each other. And that is the groovy kind of love we will share, hands by hands, eyes to eyes till death do us apart. Did you know my love is here for you?

With all my love,

Half Moon Serenades


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