Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Love Named Desire

         Kahlil Gibran once said:

"Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens."
        The love destiny is a predetermined by God that two people will be together. The love destiny means that no matter what happens two hearts will be drawn and brought together in a love that will not end. 

        The events will happen to bring the two together so that they can become one. Lots of people end up together as they see it, because of their destiny. When you are following your destiny things tend to go right in your lives. 

        You feel that you are in the right time at the right place and then when you are together it really makes a difference. Some people do not believe in love destiny, but many others do. If it happens to you, then you really believe in destiny.

        Another thing that is interesting about the love destiny is that there are some events that are to happen and they are not changeable. Through divination one can find out the future if they want to. 
        When someone has found their love destiny then they do so willingly. They are not forced, but a participant in the meeting of two people. If they have been separated from each other then things will happen to bring them back together and this will happen willingly.

           With the love destiny two people could be separated from each other and still love each other for many reasons. They might not be able to see each other for a lot of adverse reasons that they have nothing to do with and then events will happen that will bring them back together again. 
          There will always be a strong bond formed when there is a love destiny with two people. It will be very strong and will last all through time and for miles away. It will last through all kinds of different situations that test the deep bond that was formed, but none the less it will last forever. 
            The love destiny is putting to people that were destined to be together finally into each others path again so that they can be together in a better way.

        It is said that when we participate in a our love destiny then we also shape fate. This is how it was supposed to be. With a love destiny the two people will be very happy, though they may have to go through quite a bit to be together. 
         When a love destiny is in play there are forces that bring it back together so that the two can experience their love for one another again.

          The soldier destiny is the one that fears its own death with the bullet with their name on it. The soldier was destined to die in certain instances. Many people believe in destiny and that is why it is so widely studied. You can look up destiny and find out a lot more about it on the internet or in books in the library.

           You cannot force you destiny, it just happens and when you find it then you will know. With a love destiny there will be signs that you should be together. If and when it happens depend on when your love destiny is supposed to happen. 
            Go with the events that are happening in your life and if the love destiny is there you will be with the one that you should be in however long it does take. If you want to learn more about destiny, then you should study the different aspects of it. It is really interesting to read about. 
             On the other hands, just like what I had always said, it is just a groovy kind of love.  


To you whom I haven't met yet. Life is a brief candle. Sometimes, most of the time, I always felt that time is moving so fast, so fast that I didn't even realized it. But one thing for sure, I will continue my pursuit to find you. Love is such a beautiful things to be shared alone, we use it to make someone world a summer day but by being alone, it is just a dream that fade away. I hope one day, when I look at you here by my side, I want to see the love in your eyes. Take care that my mysterious someone, put in your heart the fact that I love you so much way before we knew each other. Perhaps, it is a groovy kind of love that we shared. Until then, I want you to be happy. 

With love,

Half Moon Serenades.  

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