Monday, January 31, 2011

My Idea of Making A Girl Feels Special

         My point of view is that love and insecurity are two sides of the same coin. The more you love a person, the more is the fear of losing them. No matter how old your relationship is, it is always important to keep reminding yourself and your partner about your endless love for one another and the importance of the relationship in both your lives. Well, I believed in doing such things below, it could make a simple love as beautiful as ever.

1. Simple Hand Written Notes Left In Different Places:

This is both simple and cute. All you have to do is leave small messages at places. For instance, place a note near the mirror saying - You’re the most gorgeous person I’ve ever met. Your partner will be delighted to get these little surprises.

Example: Dear sweetheart, do you want to look at the person that I love the most, look at the mirror and the reflection on it is the girl that I love so much.

2. Making Dinner:
Set the table yourself for your sweetheart. Also arrange for some nice romantic music playing in the background. Prepare all of your partner’s favorite dishes. To make it even more special let the whole preparation be a surprise.

3. Listen To Them:
Everyone would like to talk about their life’s worries to the one they love. So the next time your partner has a rough day or some problems to share, listen to them. It will bring both of you closer and would be a gesture showing moral support.

4. Surprise With Red Roses:
Flowers never go out of fashion. Red roses have symbolized love since time immemorial. Once in a while, get your better half a sweet bouquet of red roses for absolutely no special reason. To add more romance attach a message or a love letter to it.

5. Pamper With A Nice Massage:

Everyone likes a good massage after a hard day’s work. When it is given from the one they love, it makes it more special. Pamper your partner with a good body massage. They would sincerely appreciate it.

6. Be Nice To The Parents:
Everyone wants their parents to love the person with whom they are in a relationship. Visit your partner’s parents once in a while, talk to them with respect and show them that you really deserve being with their son or daughter. Make the parents fall in love with you and see the respect for you in your partner’s eyes rise.

7. Take Them To Watch The Sunset With You:
It could be at the beach or at some hill station. Driving somewhere far off to watch the sun setting together is a romantic idea and will never fail to charm your partner.

8. Compliment Them:
Compliment them often. Tell them how special they are to you and how much you love them. However, also make sure you sound convincing. Look deep into their eyes while speaking to them.

9. Share Secrets With Them:
Tell them something you haven’t told anyone else. It will show them that you not only trust them but also treat them as someone closest to you.

10. Watch Stars Together:
What can be more romantic than watching the stars with your partner? You could even go a step ahead and name a star after them and surprise them with this rare gift.

        Please remember that to express your love you need not shower your partner with expensive gifts. Small gestures mean a lot more and truly show your feelings to them. However, these gestures should be continuous and not just for an occasion or two. This will ensure a strong bond of love between both of you.

        Maybe my idea sounds strange or maybe some people will say, did you ever did all this? The answer is yes, even though I am all alone now.
        Perhaps it is just a groovy kind of love in me. 

To whom I haven't met yet, the stars will fade one day, the sun will set at the end of the day, the moon will be blocked when eclipse arrived, but my love for you will go on and on. I just can't wait for God to sent you into my heart someday. The moment you look at this entry, put in your heart the fact I had fallen in love with you forever and a day way before we met each other.