Friday, January 28, 2011

The Marbles

               Yesterday, a girl asked me, why she is so unlucky to have a boyfriend who didn't appreciated her as a woman who loved him as much as I appreciated woman in my life.
                Immediately, I remembered when I was roughly a nine years old boy. There was this Qi Yan (or Sher Yan?). We are playing together with my collection of marbles. That day, she brought with her some sweets and I told her, I will give all my beautiful marbles in exchange for her sweets. She agreed with it.

               I am such a naughty brats at that age, and instead of giving her all my beautiful marbles, I choose the best and biggest marbles and kept it, giving her the rest which I deemed unworthy to keep it.
              That night, when every one sleep peacefully, I couldn't sleep, as I kept wondering, not about my misdeeds, but if she had hidden some sweets from me the way I hidden my best marbles. 

              You see, I learned a valuable lesson from this incident when I am matured enough to think. I learned that if you don't give your best in a relationship, you'll always keep doubting if the other person has given his/her best. This is applicable in any kind of relationship like love/friendship/working and etc. 

              Give your best in every thing and let God be the guide in your peaceful sleep. It will be a groovy kind of sleep.  

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