Sunday, January 30, 2011

10 Ways How To Make A Woman Feels That They Are The Other Half of The Sky

It is easy to be 'green' in relationship, but it is hard to be 'red' in love. There is a different view point of what I felt about being in love. Long ago, there was this bunch of people who told me that the way I treated girl can make people misunderstood my intention, but I believe woman is the other half of the sky, right? As such, below is what I believe a guy should do to their woman. It is not just for someone special in my heart, but to all woman in this world.
1. Tell her those three golden words:
When a guy tells his sweetheart just how much he loves her, it makes her feel very special. Girls are die-hard romantics. Though many of them deny it, they are mesmerized by someone who keeps reminding her that she is the most special girl in the world for him and he really loves her. The three golden words ‘I Love You’ can work wonders to the mood of a girl and would be a good sign to show her that you care.

2. Leave little gifts:
Even if a girl is fiercely independent, occasional gifts from her lover makes her feel special and loved. The gifts don’t have to be expensive or flashy. For most of the girls, it is the thought that counts. The gift would go to show that she is the one who is always on your mind.

3. Compliment her often:
Compliments are music for the ears of girls. Since long, men have tried their best to impress girls by showering them with compliments. It has been a way to show a girl how perfect she is. A compliment will show your girl that your love and care for her is increasing. While complimenting you should look very sincere otherwise it may come across as fake.

4. Offer a helping hand:
Guys often tend to be laid back when it comes to doing their chores and that may leave a girl overburdened. One of the ways to show that you love her is to offer a hand in the housework and help her. Love is about going through the ups and downs of life together. Responsibilities, shared equally, go a long way in keeping a relationship healthy and strong.

5. Avoid criticizing her:
Girls are very bad in dealing with criticism. It is unacceptable to them that someone puts them down so easily by throwing all their mistakes on them. If you criticize her often, you are ensuring a breakup soon. Instead give her advice from time to time. Don’t sound like a preacher, but sound like a friend.

6. Make her feel special:
Every girl thinks of herself as a princess and her man as her Prince Charming. She expects him to be a lover straight out of a romantic novel at times. Your attempts to charm her and make her feel special will never go waste as many girls crave for men who can make them feel so. Victorian romances are still very popular among a lot of girls as in the romances of that era the women would be made to feel special by their man in little ways. She will love you for all your efforts you are giving to the relationship.

7. Kidnap her from routine:
This may sound like a crazy idea but can work out to be a great one if done in the right way. Attempt to kidnap her but in a fun way. Next, take her somewhere that she does not expect at all. This would be a great break from routine and a stress buster for both of you. She will be surprised to see your concern for her. Make the rules of the kidnap clear that she would be with you for as long as you want to kidnap her from her routine and take her to places where it will be just the two of you enjoying togetherness.

8. Ask her more about her day:
One of the best ways to tell her that you love her and are there for her always, is to let her talk more. Come out of your own needs and inquire about hers. Ask her some questions like how her day was and if it was bad, was there any particular reason for it to be so. Offer your help in situations you can improve and show your support if the matters are beyond your control. Women don’t need much when it comes to support. Asking her little things and showing concern will make her feel loved and wanted.

9. Do things together:
When couples do new things together, the bond of love between them increases and thus, the relationship is strengthened. For every couple, it is essential to do some things together as it gives rise to a feeling of connection among them. The couple work as a team for whatever they are doing and make some memories that last them a lifetime. Things that can be undertaken together are common hobbies, special classes, adventure sports and so on.

10. Give work an occasional miss to be with her:
To tell her just how much you love her, give work an occasional miss to be with her. This would show her that nothing holds more importance in your life than her as she is right at the top on your list of priorities. Also, try to implement some very basic things like not getting busy with work as soon as you get home and keeping your work related phone calls on a low when you are with her. This would never make her feel second place to anything in your life.
Implementing some of these little things in your life would result in her feeling that you love her and are always there for her irrespective of everything. She would be more comfortable with you than with anyone else. Your love and your efforts would also ensure that she is happy in the relationship.

It is just a groovy kind of way I believe.

P/S  To the girl whom I haven't met yet in my life, put that in heart the fact that I love you so much way before we met each other. Did you know that my love is a groovy kind of love?

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