Saturday, September 24, 2016

Letters 486: The Heart that Speaks

"Extraordinary things are always hiding in the places people never think to look."

- Jodi Picoult (My Sister's Keeper, 2005)

To whom I haven't met yet,

           It's been a crazy few weeks. I've been so busy on various stuff that basically all my free time has been spend. The good news is that I've recently finished some works & with a couple of weeks before anything comes in, I'm enjoying a bit of free time.  

            You see, after working constantly, I have no idea what to do now that nothing is occupying my mind. So yesterday, I woke up determined to enjoy myself but still, I could not think of anything I would like to do. I did what any guy with a PlayStation 4, Netflix & 52 inches television would never do, I got productive. I did the dishes, tonnes of laundry (hand washes mind you), plastered the broken cabinet (refer to my previous letter) & taught myself how to converse in Korean for no particular reason. Trust me my hummingbird, none of these activities were overly enjoyable.

             Life as a grown up is not as fun as some people thought in their mind. When faced with impeding free time, all I did was surfing the YouTube, looking at the video clip of dogs pretending to be dead or throwing grapes on the air hoping it landed into my mouth. But I realize, no matter how hard I refuse, I need to accept that I am a grown up. 

             Dear you, I do not recall what I got for my tenth birthday & I don't know when I went on my first trip. But surely, I will remember the first time I heard your voice, from the heart that speaks. 


You will be proud of me one day. I am one step closer of achieving my dream of beautiful life. The only question is whether the life can be completed with you. Until then, have a beautiful weekend hummingbird.

For the other half of the sky,

The Half Moon Serenades.
24th of September 2016.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Letters 485: Of Doraemon & Letting Go

"Have you ever found God in church? I never did. I just found a bunch of folks hoping for Him to show up. Any God I felt in church I brought in with me & I think all the folks did too. They came to church to share God, not find God.

- Alice Walker (The Color Purple, 1982)

To whom I haven't met yet,

           Yesterday, the book shelf that held my collection of Doraemon manga collapsed. I was in a dilemma. Should I get a new shelf or should I just put it into boxes at my storeroom? 

           I decided that I should let the collection go. Trust me, there was no shortage of takers in Carousell. But in the end, I gave the collection to a close friend of mine because she is a huge fan of Doraemon. 

           Dear you, letting go is never easy. But it can be wonderfully refreshing to let go our precious material possession especially if they are in good condition & can still be if use to someone else. 

            Life is about learning to let go emotional feelings. It could be the hatred because a close friend deserting us in our day of need. It could be the sadness because of missed opportunity in our love life. Or even unfounded fears that keep us from moving forward.

              We need to let them go. We should start with the ones that hurts because they are the heaviest burdens of all. The healing begins with a forgiving heart. That is real freedom.

               Until then, have yourself a wonderful weekend, hummingbird.


Through love, thorns become roses.

To destiny, 

The Half Moon Serenades,
18th of September 2016. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Letters 484: Beautiful Memories

"Of all the gin joints in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine."

- Rick Blaine (Casablanca, 1942)

To whom I haven't met yet,

             Sometimes, one hears the older generation lament the loss of innocence, the loss of childhood for today's children. It is as if children today did not really have a childhood, the feel. Children should get out more & get in touch with nature, they say. Childhood as in my life was an idyllic time of running around & playing simple games, not hours spent playing alone with gadgets & electronic games.        

              In fact, in just few generations, the nature & type of play or entertainment for children has changed, drastically. The simple games of me, running around in open spaces behind my old house & making toys from any material I could lay my hands on have been completely replaced by sophisticated play involving apps like Pokemon Go. Circa 1994, neighborhood kids came together at my house to play & have fun. Today, most kids stay at home, often behind a secure front gate & often play by themselves or with virtual friends.

                Dear hummingbird, with the changing times, is it at all possible to return to the days before technology? Are today's adult's themselves forgotten what it was like to be children? Will the children of today look back with nostalgia when they in turn look back at their childhood?

                It is little wonder why childhood is synonymous with play, for it brings back treasured memories of a time when people had little care in the world, it was about having a good time. But childhood is of course not all about play. It is about creating beautiful memories.


One day, we will manage to love without expectations, calculations or negotiations. We will indeed be in heaven on earth.

Today is life,

The Half Moon Serenades.

11th of September 2016.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Letters 483: Where Life Begins

"After all, tomorrow is another day."

- Scarlett O'Hara (Gone With the Wind, 1939)

To whom I haven't met,

           I've never felt so cold in my life. We all have the same complaint of feeling the change in the weather very much. After all these months of hot days, yesterday (Friday) the rain poured down for exactly 5 hours. So here I am, suffering from high fever (40 degrees Celsius according to the cute doctor).

            Anyway today, I spent most of my spare time resting at home carrying out minor repairs to my bedroom. A few bricks & stones here & there & all the bits of stuff have all been tucked into spaces. Another thing is that I have found a few bits of timber & made a little cabinet so I can put all my Murakami's books in proper place. 

             By the way, did you know what high fever can do to a man? I had roast turkey, roast potatoes, peas, beans & gravy, followed by rice & orange & Darjeeling tea. What a feed I had that evening. I should mention that the peas & beans were the best I ever ate in my life. However, I didn't finish it all & kept a bit for breakfast tomorrow. 
               Dear hummingbird, well that is not the best part (or should I say the saddest part). Here I come to a very sad incident. You see, I put what left inside a container & accidentally left it outside of my house. Suddenly I heard a queer noise outside & being very brave, I went out to investigate & I was just in time to see a couple of dogs finish my expected breakfast. Of course as I was the one who put it there, I got all the blame. Poor, poor me.

               Before I ended this letter, just to let you know my next great trip in November might take me to the land of Eiffel Tower. Yes, you got it right, France. Until then, have yourself a wonderful weekend wherever you are.


You is where life begins, again & love never ends.

For the other half of the sky,

The Half Moon Serenades.
3rd of September 2016 

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Letters 482: Of Heart, Loss & Treasure

"Real loss is only possible when you love something more than you love yourself."

- Dr.Sean Maguire (Good Will Hunting, 1997)

To whom I haven't met yet,

             If I ask one of my friend about a writer, she probably will give me the details of everybook ever written by him (Haruki Murakami). She will,for sure, tell me everything about him, his country (Japan), his personal life & even something not related to him. But I'll bet she can't tell me what it smells like in Japan because she never been there.

              If I ask my male colleague about women, they probably give me a syllabus  about their personal favourites based on their long list of girlfriends. But I am pretty sure they can't tell me what it feels like to wake up next to a woman & feels truly happy

               If I ask a poet about love, most probably they will quote me a sonnet. But I bet that they never looked at a woman & been totally vulnerable. Known someone that could level you with her eyes, feelings like God put an angel on earth just for you, who could rescue you from depths of hell.

               Dear hummingbird, the truth is people do not know about the real loss because it only occurs when you have loved someone or something more than yourself. I doubted that I will ever dared to love you that much one day. 

               I am not perfect & let me save you a suspense, I am not good looking too. But the question is whether or not we are perfect for each other? And I hope the answer will be yes. People will label our love as imperfections. But I will be fine, & I know you will be fine too. In fact, we will be more than fine.   

               Until then, have yourself a wonderful holiday this Wednesday.


Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.

To destiny,

The Half Moon Serenades.
27th of August 2016.   

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Letters 481: The Best of Us

"You are & always have been, my dream."

- Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook, 1996)

To whom I haven't met yet,

         If we are going to live in love, we have to learn to forgive each other. I once heard about a couple who were so upset after a big argument that they refused to speak to each other. 

          For me, they should not let the sun go down on their anger but instead, forgive. Above all things, put on love above having your own way or above your own egoistic agenda. Just choose to put love because when we choose to walk in love, we will have the power of God in our lives as well as healthier emotions.

           Dear hummingbird, we should always look for the best in each other. We can always throw rocks & point out at each other's fault but we need to make allowances for one another. We don't know what some people have been through, the pain & the heartache they have experiences. That is why for me, it is okay to be the first to apologize & be quick to forgive. 

           In many relationships, after time, people neglect to walk in love. One day, they realized that their hearts have changed. They just grew apart. 

           I want you & me to remember that one day, God will bring us together. God will put you in my life. I believe that by being kind & respecting you the way you deserved to be treated as a woman, God will do his part & make us forever in love.


For all the things my hands have held, the best by far was my mom & soon, will be you. 

For the other half of the sky,

The Half Moon Serenades.

21 August 2016.  

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Letters 480: Of Rough Draft & The Final Masterpiece

"I was thinking how nothing lasts & what a shame that is."

- Benjamin Button (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, 2008)

To whom I haven't met yet,

             Without them, there is nothing you know. It was a different kind of viewpoint of what I felt about woman. Perhaps an iconic specimen of God power in the world, just like the sunset & the sunrise.
             Woman as I knew most of the time, always understand the little child inside the man. Sometimes, they treated their guy like an infant. If a woman has to choose between catching a flying ball of opportunity & saving infant's life, she will choose to save the infant's life without even considering how rough the path is in front of them. 

             Dear hummingbird, sure God created man before woman, but then you always make a rough draft before the final masterpiece aren't you? Don't get me wrong, it is not about saying woman is better than me, but after all, every guy is forever in their debt.

           Mama once told me before that for guy, every woman is wrong until she cries, & then they gonna tell the woman, she is right instantly. I laughed when I heard this but it is true. In history, Eva Braun managed to floored down Adolf Hitler or Marilyn Monroe bringing down John Fitzegerald Kennedy.

            For me,  that's how powerful a woman in this world. 


Half of what I said in my 480 letters is meaningless but I said it so the other half may reach you out there.

Love is forever,

The Half Moon Serenades.
13th of August 2016.     

Monday, August 8, 2016

Letters 479: Epitome of Happiness

"The memories I value most, I don't ever see them fading."

- Kazuo Ishiguro (Never Let Me Go, 2005)

To whom I haven't met yet,

             Did you remember not too long ago, I mentioned in my letter that I am planning to stop my writing soon? I told you that maybe the time is up & I should not wait anymore. But the fact is I am not.

             How can I stop writing when all this waiting has been so inspiring & amazing? For some, my writings have been depressing & disheartening to read through. But I am proud of it because it is one of the way to keep me sane.

             Dear hummingbird, in future I know I do not need to seek refuge from my writing because my soul has found not a shelter, but a home in your heart. I am very sure it will be the last *cross-fingers*.

              Today letter is a short one as I am still not feeling very well due to weird weather pattern for the past few days. But I just want you to know, in future, I believe that as long as we know how feel for each other, we will be fine. 

              In fact, we will be more than fine because you will be my epitome of happiness.


There was another life that I might have had, but I am waiting for the one with you.

Yours sincerely,

The Half Moon Serenades.
8th of August 2016.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Letters 478: The Fragrance of Modest Wild Flowers

"Both thorns & thistles it shall bring forth to you."

- Genesis 3:18 (New King James Version)

To whom I haven't met yet,

              Thorns & thistles. It refers to things in our life that bring us discomfort, torment & judgement. I used to wonder whether this term is applicable for someone or something. But as time goes by, I know it does. 

              Dear hummingbird, in our lives, we will bump into someone who will look down on us. You know, the kind of 'perfect nerdy' human that will shake & watch us drift into unknown hole. Their words mislead us into thinking that we have no right to think & imperfect. In simple words, those who do not respect us as a human in equal.

              But I want you to remember this. Take this opportunity to learn from all the people from different walk of life which you met, include them. Never allow others to shape into someone whom they want you to be. I never met you, yet, but I know you are better than that. I am better than that.

              Only throught the existing of all the thorns & thistles in your life, you will learn to appreciate the fragrance of a modest wild flower. At the end of the day, it is not about the person who hurts you, but the person who truly loves & supports you that matters. 


I will always love you, through the thorns & thistles in your life. 

To where you are,

The Half Moon Serenades.
31st of July 2016.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Letters 477: Of Horror & Love Movies

"It maybe unfair but what happens in a few days, sometimes even a single day, can change the course of a whole lifetime."

- Khaled Hosseini (The Kite Runner, 2003)

To whom I haven't met yet,

            Instead of watching Ghostbusters on AXN, I watched Me Before You. Yes, a love movie. For the past few years, I tried not to indulge myself in love movies because I did not live in it anymore. Once, I heard people said that by believing in love story. we are lying to ourselves.

             But who's the right one? The one who believe in love or the one who didn't believe in love? I believe the latter is the wrong ones. Sometimes, I feel that I am running away from love. I am not gay or the next Caitlyn Jenner. I am still the kind of man that who believes in love & everything related to it. 

             After my broke up few years back, there is time I don't believe that love will ever exist in my life but at the same time, I know it is just a melodrama. I will always be in love with someone. Someday, I will find my own 'Louisa' like William does in the movie. I know that someday, when my other half of the sky shows up in my life, I'll be her real man. 

             Dear hummingbird, I don't care how many times is going to get hurt or how many break up I will encounter because I believe one day, that other half of the sky will seize & love me with all her heart as how I love her. She will be the one that listen to my crazy words & funny craps I said & still think I'm cute. Someone who doesn't laugh at my physical appeareance but instead laugh with me for the silly things we did. Someone who is brave enough.

             Until then, I will live my life as if it is the last one. I will be happy & never give up, for just one more love.


I am thinking, will you be the kind of girl that prefer horror or love genre? If we ever watched a horror movie together one day & both of us ended up laughing instead shivering, I will pat myself on my shoulder because I know, you are the other half of my sky.

For you,

The Half Moon Serenades.
23rd of July 2016.